Our planning role

The London Legacy Development Corporation was created in 2012 and has the responsibility for looking after the development of buildings and outdoor spaces in and around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  

You can read more about the history of the organisation and how we operate here.

As part of this remit, we act as the planning authority for this area, carrying out all of the planning functions that a local planning authority would normally have responsibility for, such as approving or rejecting new developments, giving guidance to local developers, and making high level plans for development in the area.

Submitting a Planning Application 

If you are making a planning application relating to land within the Legacy Corporation Planning Area, this must be submitted to the Legacy Corporation, rather than to the local borough.

Further details on submitting a planning application to the Legacy Corporation, as well as details of associated processes and procedures can be found on our Making an Application page. 

Planning Decisions Committee

The Legacy Corporation Board has appointed a Planning Decisions Committee to ensure that decisions on planning applications are made in an open, transparent and impartial manner.

The committee is made up of two members of the Legacy Corporation’s board, four independent members, and five local Councillors recommended by the four boroughs around the Park.

Further information on the planning decisions committee, including details of the current members and links to associated papers, reports and minutes can be found on our Planning Decisions Committee page.

Current Consultations

The Planning Register has a full list of current and determined planning applications. Details of how you can comment on current planning applications can be found on our how to view and comment page.

You can also view details of all current planning policy consultations on new or revised planning policies and guidance documents on our current planning policy consultations page.


Once you have received a decision notice about your application, you have the right of appeal to the Secretary of State.  You can appeal for any of these reasons:

  • We have refused your application
  • You disagree with one or more of the conditions of any permission
  • Your application has not been determined within the timescale allowed.

Information on how to appeal is included within the decision notice. All appeals are administered by the Planning Inspectorate.

More information can be found on the Planning Inspectorate’s website.  This includes any procedures that might apply and details on how third parties such as neighbours can make their views known.

Information about active planning appeals can be found here - Planning Appeals.

Hackney Wick and Fish Island Construction Transport Management Group

The Hackney Wick and Fish Island Construction Transport Management Group (HW & FI CTMG) has been set up to encourage collaborative working and effectively coordinate the multiple disciplines involved in the construction of development sites. 

The aim of the group is to deliver a comprehensive approach to construction management and provide clarity on the transportation of materials and workforces to implement the various planning schemes. The group will also act as a platform to discuss and implement productive construction mitigation measures.

The Terms of Reference for the group can be viewed and/or downloaded below:

Minutes of the HW & FI CTMG Meetings will be published below when they are available: