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Unlock a world of boundless possibilities as you uncover state-of-the-art office spaces, ground-breaking branding potential, bustling retail hotspots, unparalleled venues, pioneering development opportunities, and much more!

Our businesses thrive thanks to the Park's state-of-the-art infrastructure, an array of top-notch facilities tailored for organizations of every scale, and access to London's premier transportation network.

A key component of our vision is fostering economic growth in East London. We are committed to empowering local businesses to take a prominent role, whether by securing supply chain contracts or establishing their presence in the Park.

We are dedicated to preserving the rich creative and commercial heritage of the region. To achieve this, we are strategically planning new developments both within the Park itself and in the surrounding area, ensuring that the character and essence of the region remain intact.

Business on the Park

Discover what's here for business, plus explore more of the audiences already present throughout the Park and get to know the brands that have harnessed the Park's success to propel their own business growth.

Business communities

Experience the vibrant business communities thriving within Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park: a hub for innovation and collaboration. Here, you'll find diverse offices, fostering connections and synergies among like-minded entrepreneurs. View all our business communities

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Events and filming

Embrace the chance to make Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park your next event venue or versatile filming location, set in one of London's most spectacular public spaces. This iconic destination, now a thriving attraction, and a backdrop for unforgettable sports moments, stands as a premier choice for events, filming, and photoshoots alike.

Future Developments

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park stands as a testament to visionary urban development, showcasing a diverse array of world-class innovations. Our handpicked residences redefine contemporary living with a blend of style and practicality. East Bank heralds a paradigm shift in cultural and educational establishments, setting a benchmark for excellence. Our forward-looking approach prioritises seamless functionality and interconnectedness. The momentum shifting towards London's east is undeniable, fueled by the myriad opportunities and offerings within this vibrant landscape.

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to find and scale solutions to the major challenges of city life.

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