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Culture and Art Attractions

Experience a cultural revolution

Art and culture have continued to be an important part of the Park’s story with a legacy of events, immersive experiences, and commissions working with the local creative community and world-class artists.

The Park is home to a unique collection of artworks, nestled between inspiring architecture, instilling a sense of local pride and cultural ambition through world-class art. Curated specially to be experienced in the landscape, the 29 artworks rival many of the works showcased in galleries across London. Some are large and striking while others are hidden gems, but they are all inspired by the community, history and visitors from near and far. Follow the Art on the Park Trail and discover them all!

Throughout the year, huge cultural events take place on-site, such as the annual Great Get Together, which brings together entertainers, artists and cuisines in a celebration of the local community. London Stadium continues to host international superstars to perform on their tours, drawing in crowds from all over London and beyond! ABBA Voyage too has become a phenomenon, using world-class technology to propel classic disco tunes into a new realm. 

East Bank

East Bank, with a focus on V&A

East Bank

East Bank is the UK’s newest cultural quarter at the heart of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. East Bank is a unique collaboration between cultural institutions, world leading universities and the people of the Olympic boroughs. 

Comprising of BBC Music Studios; London College of Fashion, UAL; Sadler’s Wells East; UCL (University College London) and V&A East, East Bank is the place where everything happens – entertainment, inspiration and discovery – and is open to everyone who visits, lives and works in east London.

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Waterfront art

AA Murakami with their piece of art at East Bank

Waterfront art

Plus look out for new artwork on the waterfront space in front of East Bank.

AA Murakami, In Mountains Shadow, 2023

Wind shaped the landscape of east London. Heavy industry settled here, taking advantage of the eastward winds pushing toxic fumes to the outskirts, sparing other parts of the city from heavier pollution. Today, much of the industry has left, but the winds persist.

To manage strong currents between V&A East Museum and London College of Fashion, UAL, AA Murakami designed two overlapping sets of mesh screens. Their dramatic mountain-shaped contours and pigmentation take inspiration from Chinese landscape painting.

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Michael Landy with Lemon Meringue at East Bank

Michael Landy, Lemon Meringue, 2024 

Michael Landy celebrates traditional and newly invented Cockney rhyming slang phrases, in a series of fluorescent signs positioned across East Bank. Unique to east London, this vernacular form of speech replaces common words with a rhyming expression with each rhyming phrase marking a place, object, or activity in the landscape in a playful take on signposting. The artwork reflects the area’s rich and creative past, while acknowledging the fluid ways that language can evolve. This project also includes a handful of new terms that speak to more recent diasporic influences on this area of London.’

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We recommend... The Line

The Line is a free public art walk between Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and The O2, following the waterways and the line of the Greenwich Meridian. Featuring an evolving programme of art installations, projects and events, The Line illuminates an inspiring landscape where everyone can explore art, nature and heritage for free.

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