Planning Authority

The London Legacy Development Corporation acts as the planning authority for the area around and including Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.    

This means that any planning application made in that area, called the Legacy Corporation planning boundary, must be submitted to us rather than to the local borough.

All information on current and past planning applications is held on our Planning Register.

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Our planning role

We have the responsibility for looking after the development of buildings and outdoor spaces in and around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  

Making an application

If you are making a planning application relating to land within the Legacy Corporation Planning Area, this must be submitted to the Legacy Corporation, rather than to the local borough.

Pre-Application Advice Service

The Legacy Corporation encourages you to discuss your planning proposals with a member of our Planning Policy and Decisions Team (PPDT) before making an application. This is particularly important for large and more complex planning schemes.

Planning policy

We act as the planning authority for this area, including defining planning policy for development in the area. As part of this, we are currently conducting a Local Plan Review

Planning Policy and Decisions Team Privacy Notice

Details of how the Planning Policy and Decisions Team (PPDT) applies data protection principles to processing data

Stratford Waterfront Planning Applications

View a summary of the planning applications, details of public consultation events and how to comment on the applications

Madison Square Garden (MSG) Sphere Planning Application

In March 2019, the Planning Policy and Decisions Team received a planning application for a large-scale live music and entertainment venue.

View and comment on applications

Once a planning application is under consideration, we accept representations from anyone, including those who have not been notified of the application.

Planning area map

See the boundary map for the LLDC planning area.