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Making an Application

If you are making a planning application relating to land within the Legacy Corporation Planning Area, this must be submitted to the Legacy Corporation, rather than to the local borough.

You can click here to see a map of the area.  It includes parts of the London Boroughs of Newham, Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest.

The only exceptions are an Application for a Lawful Development Certificate (for an Existing use, Proposed use, or Operation or Activity in Breach of a Planning Condition) or a Certificate of Appropriate Alternative Development.  For these, you should continue to apply to the relevant local authority.

How to apply

We accept planning applications electronically via the Planning Portal, which is the Government’s central planning service and lets you submit and manage an application entirely online. We also accept applications by mail or in person, but we would encourage you to use the Planning Portal where possible, as this provides the quickest route for processing an application.

However you decide to submit an application, you will need to visit the Planning Portal to prepare your application. There, you can also find help and information on how to apply, as well as options to buy a site location plan and block plan.  These show the location and boundaries of the site you are planning to work on and are a requirement of any application.

A list of the current LLDC validation requirements for each type of planning application can be found below:

Please Note - The LLDC publishes planning applications on its website via our Planning Register, this includes documentation submitted as part of the application from initial submission to decision. This includes, but is not limited to, application forms, letters and supporting reports; such as viability assessments, transport assessments, environmental statements.

Once you have prepared your planning application you can submit it electronically via the Planning Portal. Please address all submissions and associated cover letters to: 

Planning Policy and Decisions Team
London Legacy Development Corporation
Level 9
5 Endeavour Square
E20 1JN

Changes to Planning Portal Application forms, as of November 2020:

The Greater London Authority is leading a project which involves changes to the Planning Portal’s existing online application forms for submission to London Boroughs. This includes the addition of new questions and changes to a number of existing questions. This will enable planning authorities in London and the wider public to access information and data about planning proposals in a more effective way. 

All London Planning Authorities will be going live with the new 1APP forms on the 16th November 2020. As part of this there are a number of changes to how anyone submitting a planning application will interact with the planning system including a number of new questions on the 1APP planning application form. 

The data collected will also be available to you through the London Planning Datahub on the GLA’s website, in due course. You will be able to view the data relating to all other schemes in London, identify patterns and assess how it impacts your scheme. 

Planning application fees

Planning fees for planning applications are set by central government and vary depending on the nature and extent  of the development you wish to carry out. The Planning Portal sets out the cost of all planning applications, from householder extensions to large-scale industrial uses. You can calculate the cost before making your application by using the planning portal's online calculator.

A full list of the current planning application fees can be found below: 

How to pay

The Planning Portal’s Financial Transaction Service (FTS) was introduced on Monday 10 September 2018. The effect of this is that payments for online applications are no longer made directly to the Local Planning Authority. The Planning Portal service enables all applicants and agents to pay planning application fees online or by telephone. These payments are confirmed instantly, allowing the application to be submitted to the Local Planning Authority. All applications submitted through the Planning Portal which require a planning fee attract a service charge of £32.20 (incl VAT) which is payable to the Planning Portal directly.

The Planning Portal have produced some useful guidance on how to use the Financial Transaction Service, including step-by-step guides and a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

Please note: The London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) does not manage the Planning Portal or control the content therein. Please therefore address any and all queries regarding access, reviewing submitted data or paying for applications, directly to the Planning Portal:

For all other enquiries, please contact the LLDC:

Site layout planning

Site layout planning for daylight and sunlight (building research establishment) – new guidance published

Adopted policy in our Local Plan expects that developers will demonstrate that new schemes will receive acceptable levels of daylight and sunlight, and that existing surrounding development will not experience an unacceptable loss of daylight and sunlight in accordance with Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight (Building Research Establishment (BRE), 2011), including any future revisions or superseding guidance.

The BRE guidance has been recently updated, with the publication of ‘Site layout planning for daylight and sunlight: a guide to good practice (BR 209 2022 edition)’ in June 2022.

For all future planning applications being submitted, we will expect this latest BR 209 2022 guidance to be followed, with an assessment set out against the updated methodologies and requirements. For the assessment of daylight within new developments, the LLDC, acting as the local planning authority, considers the daylight factor method to be the more appropriate and preferred method of assessment, but would also request results to be provided that have been calculated following the illuminance method.

For current planning applications that are being determined, and schemes in the pre-application process and at an advanced design stage and due to be submitted very soon, we will expect an addendum to the daylight and sunlight analysis to be submitted. This addendum shall include an assessment of the development against the new requirements of the guidance. For the daylight analysis, we will expect two datasets to be provided which include an assessment of the median daylight factor (using the daylight factor method) and average daylight factor.

Quality Review Panel (QRP)

The Legacy Corporation is committed to achieving high quality design in new buildings and outdoor spaces in the area around the Park.  As part of this, we have created a special independent Quality Review Panel to advise the Planning Decisions Committee in making their decisions.

For further details on QRP, including panel members biographies, associated costs and copies of reports from previous meetings, please see our QRP page

Community Review Panel (CRP)

The Legacy Corporation is in the process of establishing a new Community Review Panel (CRP), for further details please see our CRP page.

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