Our programme takes new joiners on a journey through our history, values, working culture and our achievements as an organisation.  

We are dedicated to ensuring that our staff have the skills and expertise to be able to deliver our vision and as an organisation we invest in:

• A range of professional and personal development courses
• One professional membership per employer (I.E CIPD)
• Secondment opportunities within the wider GLA family


All new joiners will also have chance to go on a tour of the Park, to understand more about how their role helps us to meet our wider legacy objectives.

Professional Development

Helping people to develop involves supporting, accelerating and facilitating learning for groups or individuals. LLDC’s aim is to encourage and cultivate a learning environment to create capacity and capability to deliver excellence through:

• Developing management and leadership competencies at all levels to ensure staff understand what is expected of them
• Preparing staff for management and leadership roles so that they have the necessary breadth and depth of experience to take on more responsibility when the opportunity arises
• Making all learning and development accessible across the organisation through a range of different, new and innovative delivery methods (e.g. action learning sets, work shadowing, bitesize learning sessions)

Leadership and Management

• Developing and embracing a coaching approach to leadership and management
• Encouraging line managers to recognise talent and to support their staff to make best use of the learning and development opportunities that are available to them
• Facilitating the use of digital interactive resources and online learning to support wider opportunities for development
• External qualifications
• Corporate membership of a range of organisations

We aim to do this through our new People Strategy which supports the delivery of these learning and development priorities.