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On the Park

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Welcome Brochure

A brochure introducing the Park, its venues and facilities, as well as future opportunities for local communities and businesses.

A walk around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 

This technical design guide explores the key design concepts and principles supporting the vision for Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Chobham Manor: A New Destination for Business, Leisure and Life

Five new neighbourhoods will be established within the Park, each with its own distinct character. This brochure demonstrates the opportunity and the aspirations of the Legacy Corporation for the exciting first housing development, Chobham Manor in the north-east of the Park.

East Wick and Sweetwater brochure

This brochure shows the scale of the opportunity presented by two of the Park's neighbourhoods, resting on its western fringe.

An Action Plan for Building Community in a New Estate

The London Legacy Development Corporation commissioned this research report in spring 2014, to help inform the development of the five new neighborhoods that will frame Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park over the next 10 years.

Park Design Guide

The Park Design Guide is designed to provide third party designers, developers and land managers with information required to produce high quality design proposals which can be successfully implemented within the LLDC area.


Around the Park

Investing in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and Opportunities at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Two collaborative publications that set out the Legacy Corporation’s vision for the development of east London and the opportunities available.

Stitching the Fringe

A detailed look at the work going on to ensure the Park is integrated with the communities around it, including information on projects we have funded or supported in the local area.

How we work

Sustainability guide

An in-depth guide to the sustainability impacts of the Park venues.

Transformation of the Park after the Games

How the Park site has changed since London won the bid to host the 2012 Games and how the Legacy Corporation intends to transform the Park, its venues and infrastructure into a new and dynamic area of the city.