With the forecast looking a little brighter and a long weekend on the horizon, how about some fun in the sun with a visit to the Park? We’ve put together some of our favourite activities to try over the August bank holiday – they’re all free too!

1. Explore the playgrounds
With two custom-built playgrounds, the Park is a paradise for little adventurers! Try the bright red climbing wall in the Pleasure Gardens on the south of the Park, with a giant swing and sandpit nearby. Over in the north of the Park, Tumbling Bay playground has slides, swings, treehouses and plenty of space for children to let off steam – while the nearby Timber Lodge Café is perfect for parents to set up camp.

2. Try a trail
At 560 acres, there’s plenty of Park to explore, from meadows to canal paths to bench-lined boulevards. Our Park Champions run regular paid-for walking tours around the Park, but to help visitors discover it themselves we’ve created a number of trails and tours that are free to download. Pick a theme, whether it’s nature and wildlife or the 2012 Games, and enjoy learning a few facts along the way.

3. Cool off in the fountains
Located in front of London Stadium in the south of the Park, the Waterworks Fountains are firm favourites among children of all ages. With water shooting directly out of the floor, children can enjoy dodging the jets or splash around and get wet! After a sunny day playing in the Park, there are few things more refreshing.

4. Pack a picnic
With grassy parklands and comfortable benches in both the north and south of the Park, it’s a fantastic place to enjoy a picnic and make the most of eating outdoors before the seasons change. Bring your own from home, or take a look at some of the food and drink options around the Park to find something tasty to take away. 

5. See a piece of history
The Park has no shortage of landmarks, from the London Aquatics Centre and its wave-like roof to the striking ArcelorMittal Orbit. Perhaps most iconic of all are the Olympic Rings, located in the north of the Park, which are perfectly placed for a family snap! Together with the Paralympic Agitos, these are well worth a look to round off your day and capture the spirit of the Park.