London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) has an ambition to make Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park a truly inclusive Innovation District with local, diverse talent at its heart. To achieve this, we are making a significant investment over the next five years to establish a Good Growth Hub (GGH), an exciting new space at Hackney Bridge at the Park, which will be an exemplar in the design and delivery of demand-led skills and employment training.

The Good Growth Hub will connect businesses with local talent through a wide range of employment, skills and enterprise activities. The GGH will focus on developing talent for the growing creative, cultural and technology sectors on and around the Park but will have the flexibility to respond to other growth sectors over time.

We are thrilled that A New Direction a London base non-profit, will be the operators for the Good Growth Hub. They will work closely with local partners to deliver activities at the Good Growth Hub, ensuring that the growth on and around the Park is inclusive and that the benefits of economic growth reach the people who live in neighboring boroughs.   
The Good Growth Hub will: 
• Deliver growth in the local economy. 
• Deliver high quality demand-led training and employability provision. 
• Increase workforce diversity.
• Be a beacon of best-practice for inclusive growth.


Keep an eye out for more information on the Good Growth Hub releasing soon.