Neighbourhood Planning

Local communities have the ability to shape development within their area by preparing neighbourhood plans. Find out more about this process and our role as a local planning authority.

Following the Localism Act 2011, local communities have the ability to shape development within their area by preparing Neighbourhood Plans.  Planning policies contained within Neighbourhood Plans will become part of the planning framework for the area and will be used to guide future planning decisions within that neighbourhood. Neighbourhood Plans must be in general conformity with the London Plan and local planning policies contained within the adopted development Plan (in this case borough Core Strategies and Area Action Plans until the adoption of the Legacy Corporation’s Local Plan).

The first stages in the neighbourhood planning process are applications to the local planning authority to become a designated neighbourhood forum for a defined neighbourhood area. This process can be done jointly or as two separate applications. As a non-parished area, neighbourhood planning applications within the Legacy Corporation area should be determined within 13 weeks unless they cover parts of more than one local authority area, in which case the deadline will be 20 weeks. 

Once designated, a neighbourhood forum can then start the process of Neighbourhood Plan preparation for its designated neighbourhood area. This will involve extensive local community consultation, independent examination and finally a vote by public referendum before it can be used as a part of the planning framework for the area.

It is the Legacy Corporation’s role, as a local planning authority, to advise and give non-financial support to groups wishing to utilise these powers in preparing a Neighbourhood Plan as well as manage neighbourhood planning applications. 


Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Plan – Pre-Submission Consultation

The Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Forum are currently consulting upon the pre-submission version of the Neighbourhood Plan. Further details are available on the Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Forum website:


Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Plan – Screening Opinion for Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

The Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Forum is preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for its Neighbourhood Area. In its role as the relevant Local Planning Authority, the Legacy Corporation undertook consultation on a draft Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Opinion to determine whether or not it considered that a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) was required as part of the Neighbourhood Plan preparation process.

The consultation ran from Thursday 6 April to Friday 12 May 2017. The results of this concluded that a formal SEA was not required.

The final SEA Screening Opinion can be viewed and/or downloaded below:


Greater Carpenters proposed neighbourhood forum and neighbourhood area – consultation on application

The Legacy Corporation received a joint application for designation of a Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum for the Greater Carpenters area on 28 April 2015. Following the decision of the Board at its meeting of 21 July 2015 the Legacy Corporation has now designated both the Neighbourhood Forum and the Neighbourhood Area.

In accordance with Regulation 7 (1) and 10 (1) of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2015 the following information is available and is contained within the: Carpenters Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Area Joint Application

  • The name of the Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum
  • A map of the relevant Neighbourhood Area
  • A copy of the written constitution of the Neighbourhood Forum
  • Contact details for a member of the Neighbourhood Forum


For any queries in relation to neighbourhood planning within the Legacy Corporation area please contact the Planning Policy team by email at:; or by post at:

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