Legacy Youth Board

The Legacy Youth Board is made up and led by a dedicated group of 18–25 year olds, unified by a shared home in the host boroughs of Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest. We represent diversity in age, as well as ethnicity, gender and lived experiences, to bring an alternative perspective to the boardrooms that make crucial decisions for the future of the areas that have defined us.

The Legacy Youth Board are recruiting 18–24 year olds from Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest to join the Legacy Youth Board. The board help LLDC meet its regeneration objectives by giving a youth perspective on key strategic priorities. They interface with our main LLDC board, ensuring that the objectives set by the LLDC meet the needs of young people and the wider community. If you are between the age of 18–24 year old and live in the local area and would like to join please complete this application form by 30th April 2021. 

The Legacy Youth Board would like to get your feedback on an important piece of research. In order for us to be able to represent the youth community of east London we want to get a better insight into your experiences of living in East London, your experiences, in education and/or work, so have pulled together this questionnaire that we are looking to roll out to 100s of young people in east London so if you are aged between 13 – 25 please complete this short survey: bit.ly/LegacyYouthsurvey


Arif Hoque

Age: 22Arif Hoque
Borough: Tower Hamlets
School: George Green Sixth Form
Current occupation: Full Time employee at Department for Education
Groups involved in: Mayors Fund for London, Transport for London Youth Board, NHS England and NHS Improvement – Public and patient representative board, Youth Board
I am currently doing a full-time apprenticeship at the Department for Education. I am also involved in many different organisations I have a strong passion with as can be seen above.
During my leisure time, I love to spend quality time with my immediate family (currently 21 of us and growing). I also enjoy taking part in different social activities such as going out for meals with various friends, going periodically to the cinema and visiting different relatives with my family or attending special functions. I also take part in different, adventurous opportunities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award. I am currently working towards my Silver award. More so, I enjoy keeping up to date with the main headline politics and affairs in the UK and worldwide if possible whilst spending time with neighbours and family friends in the local community.


Joshua Dickinson

Age: 20Joshua Dickinson
Borough: Waltham Forest
School: Davenant Foundation School
Current occupation: Internship at Southwark Cathedral
Groups involved in: Deputy Chair Legacy Youth Board, Legacy Youth Voice
I am delighted to be continuing as a member on the Legacy Youth Board. In 2018 I  completed my Level 3 in Travel and Tourism at George Monoux 6th Form College.  I am currently on an internship working at  Southwark Cathedral as a welcomer. I have also worked at The CBI as an Events Administrator
My main interest is watching  tennis. I follow online, but whenever possible attend in person. I attended The Federation Cup at the Copper Box in 2019. I have also attended West Ham matches. I wrote about Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as part of my coursework. I was so inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the fact that East London was put on the map as a visitor destination.
I joined The Youth Board as I was already a member of the Legacy Youth Voice and I wanted to be involved in the regeneration of the Park and its surrounding areas.  While I am on The Youth Board, I hope to be able to represent local people but especially young people, and help Stratford to continue developing.


Kaitlene Koranteng

Age: 24Kaitlene Koranteng
Borough: Hackney
Current occupation: Graduate Trainee at Royal College of Nursing  Library and Heritage Centre
Groups involved in: Chair of Legacy Youth Board, Young Historians Project, Sibling (skateboarding Collective)

My current role has allowed me develop my interests in the cultural sector and is leading me to pursue a Masters in Archives and Records Management at UCL starting this Autumn.
My interests in culture and sports are what drew me to this role. As a volunteer for the Young Historians Project, a youth initiative documenting pivotal and often overlooked historical moments in Black British history, I have been able to capture to stories that are often forgotten. I am also a member of Sibling, a London based skate group centering marginalised identities.
This past year, being a part of the Legacy Youth Board has allowed me to grow – it has demonstrated that my voice is important, but more importantly it has shown me how to use my voice to be an advocate. My highlight so far is definitely the youth conference we hosted celebrating 30 years since the UN convention on the Rights of the Child. I joined the board because I’m excited for the future of east London.  I want that future to reflect the faces of the people who have made it what is. That means that it has to be accessible, through affordability and letting people know they are allowed to have a voice in the change that takes place.


Kiran Sweeney

Age: 20Kiran Sweeney
Borough: Newham
Current occupation: Client Advisor Assistant at UBS
Groups involved in: Legacy Youth Board
I was born and grew up in Newham and I always feel passionate about developing and building a brighter future for our next generations. I am a Client Advisor Assistant in Wealth Management at UBS and I have just completed my Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment Level 3 Certificate in Investment and Operations.
When I was the Skills Head in the UBS Apprentice Committee, I organised several events to help other apprentices learn about different business areas in UBS and build networking skills. Also, I have taken part in several apprenticeship insight events where I shared with young people about my experience as an apprentice.  While work is always very busy, I try to go to the gym and play basketball as much as possible.
I am glad to be a member of LLDC Youth Board because it is a great opportunity to inspire and support young people. I believe diversity is the key to a great future as we develop and learn new knowledge and skills when we bring people from all walks of life together.  With all the political and financial uncertainties around us, I think it is important to bring positivity to young people by celebrating the good things and amazing people as well as highlighting the bright possibilities for the future.


Mercy Momah

Age: 23Mercy Momah
Borough: Newham
Current occupation: Interning in PR roles
Groups involved in: Legacy Youth Board

Living in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park since 2014, I’m interested in being a part of the development of the community and helping those within the area especially those who underrepresented. Which is the reason behind me joining the youth board.
I have a degree in law with criminology. Which I initially choose to help people within the justice system. In my spare time I’m interested in learning through watching documentaries and reading books.
I volunteer on a pilgrimage to Lourdes which I’ve attended every summer for the last 10 years, where I’ve become a team leader. I recently began volunteering for XLP – a youth organisation to help create positive futures for young people who may not always find opportunities.
I have an interest in working in PR, where I’ve been able to build positive relationships and improve my communication skills. Since an internship at Grazia, I’ve been interested in writing blogs – especially for my online platform.


Nana Yaw Antiedu

Age: 18Nana Yaw Antiedu
Borough: Hackney
Current occupation: Full-time student at Mossbourne Sixth Form
Groups involved in: Badu boys mentoring group, Legacy Youth Board

I have just completed my A-levels (chemistry, maths and economics) at Mossbourne Sixth Form and hope to study economics at degree level. Also, I lead the Badu boys mentoring group which is a collective of young men from low socioeconomic backgrounds, who attend the top performing sixth forms in east London.

Living in Hackney has provided me with a range of opportunities. During my time at Mossbourne Community Academy, I was able to be part of the first state school rowing academy in the country and compete at some of the most prestigious competitions. In addition, I played football at academy level across the country. My sporting background hugely contributed in me excelling in my academics.

The opportunity of being part of the youth board enables me to influence change within my community. I hope that I will be able to help improve the lives of the younger generation, creating more and improved opportunities.

Nayim Ahmed

Age: 22Nayim Ahmed
Borough: Tower Hamlets
Current occupation: Learning Mentor at Bridge Academy, Football Coach Arsenal FC
Groups involved in: London FA Youth Council, Wapping Youth FC, Legacy Youth Board

I have lived in Tower Hamlets for 22 years. My activity and involvement within the community began in 2012 as a councillor on the youth cabinet of the Tower Hamlets council.
In 2013 I began coaching at Wapping Youth FC. I currently hold FA accredited football coaching and talent ID qualifications. Additionally, I also hold awards in ‘Child Mental Health’ and ‘Youth work for young people at risk’. My experience has allowed me to build an effective and significant portfolio of working with young people in the community.
My aims and objectives are to continually open doors and pathways to empower young people and unlock their full potential. I am incredibly passionate about sports and culture. I find myself to be ambitious and dedicated. I hope to represent young people from disadvantaged backgrounds while being on the legacy youth board.
My favourite quote is “learn to enjoy the journey, not just the destination”. I believe that all young people are on a rollercoaster journey. I hope to empower young people using the platforms I am involved in and impact the lives of our next generation.


Siroun Button

Age: 23Siroun Button
Borough: Newham
Current occupation: Studying at Hobs Digital Academy
Groups involved in: Legacy Youth Voice

I was born in Newham and have lived here my entire life. I was awarded a scholarship to boarding school at 11 before going on to study Architecture at Newcastle University and have just accepted an offer from Arup to do a Higher Apprenticeship in Civil Engineering.
It was joining the Legacy Youth Panel in 2013 which really gave me the confidence to strive further and cemented my love for the built environment. It also highlighted the potential positive socio-economic impact true, well-rounded planning and design can have.
I have been extraordinarily lucky to have been the beneficiary of so many opportunities and am now keen to pass those on to others. This is why I joined the board – to give a voice to the underrepresented, to ensure that the benefits of regeneration reach a broad spectrum of people and to create chances for people to pursue both their own happiness and reach their full potential.


Syeda Tasmia Tahia

Age: 25Syeda Tasmia Tahia
Borough: Waltham Forest
School: Connaught School for Girls
Current occupation: Civil Servant, UK Export Finance
Groups involved in: Sadler’s Wells Trustee, Legacy Youth Voice, Legacy Youth Board, US Ambassador’s Young Leaders in the UK

My journey with the Park begun in 2010, when I was chosen to be one of Waltham Forest Youth Ambassadors for the London 2012 Games. I remember coming to the Park for a visit and the overwhelming sense of pride in seeing this development in the heart of east London, and opportunity it brings is something I carry with me everyday.
Before joining the Civil Service, I have have worked for local grassroots charities in east London (Tower Hamlets and Hackney). I am passionate about theatre, drama and young people's access to the creative sector, particularly, young east Londoners flourishing in creative careers. I am one of the Young Trustee for Sadler's Wells Theatre. I also act, write and direct for youth theatre groups in east London. 
I joined the Legacy Youth Board to continue to have a sustainable impact on the regeneration of the Park and wider host boroughs. I am passionate about the amazing opportunities the Park is able to offer for young east Londoners, and wish to use my role within the Board to promote these opportunities as well as ensure young people's needs continue to be at the heart of the decision-making for the future.


Dionne Emmerson 

Age: 20

Borough: Waltham ForestDionne Emmerson
Current occupation: Freelance Trainer
Groups involved in: Legacy Youth Board, Youth Independent Advisory Group (YIAG) 

I have lived in Waltham Forest since 2012, and I love it, it has a lot of opportunities and is doing a lot to reach out to young people. I have been involved in my connecting with community through the Youth Independent Advisory Group (YIAG) since 2016. This has given me so many opportunities to work with young people, whether that’s surveying at events, delivering workshops or partnering with the police and other youth services. This work allows me to speak to young people and on behalf of young people.  
Through the YIAG I came across Leap Confronting Conflict, and was able to do courses in conflict management and become a freelance trainer. At Leap I have exercised public speaking, from hosting to delivering and now work with young people and adults who work with young people to explore conflict in their lives. 
All of these opportunities have helped me and allowed me to grow. My passion for other young people is to get the support and help to achieve their goals. Also, to realise that they are capable of doing and becoming who they want to be. 
The Youth board helps me to do this and more. Advocating on behalf of young people to make sure that the services and organisations that are for them are benefiting them and that their voice is heard. The Olympic park is a great place and Stratford itself is placed in the middle of these surrounding boroughs. I believe this is an opportunity for collaboration for these boroughs and a chance to inspire and impact young people in a place that young people love. 
Outside of this I am a singer and a creative, who loves art, dance, music and other forms. I enjoy expressing myself in creative ways and thinking of creative ideas for solve and help young people. I also believe mental health is a key issue we should be focusing on.