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Park Panel

Park Panel is a meeting of local residents, workers, and wider local communities which works to ensure that the Park is a success, and implements an inclusive approach to long term place shaping leading to the creation of a thriving place and community. 

A panel of people at a forum

The Park Panel is an important and valued strategic forum for the London Legacy Development Corporation, providing a voice out into the local community and a route into LLDC for local communities. The Panel is comprised of local organisations and has 15-20 members from a range of local organisations and groups. Members are either residents’ organisations, business/cultural groups or special interest groups based within either the Park or the LLDC area.

The membership is reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that the Panel contains the most appropriate members and that members are active. The Panel meets six times across the year to discuss a range of different topics from Park management to new neighbourhoods to events. Members organisations must:

  • Be a residents organisation/group, a business/cultural network or a special interest group
  • Be based at the Park, the LLDC area or one mile from the Park
  • Have a structure to share information with members.

If your organisation is interested in joining Park Panel please email yourneighbourhoodtalks@queenelizabetholympicpark.co.uk.

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