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Womens safety report

Womens safety report

In 2022 we collected feedback as part of LLDC’s consultation on the safety of women and girls on and around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Following this, comments have been carefully analysed by an independent external agency called Arup.

Arup’s consultation analysis identified a number of key themes for why a respondent reported feeling unsafe in a specific area. These centred around lighting provision; intimidation, harassment and groups of men; anti-social behaviour and crime; feelings of isolation and fear; and management, up-keep and litter.

We’re pleased to share that this report has been published and can be found here.

A series of recommendations have been made to address these concerns and the LLDC project team are working in collaboration with Arup to map out the next steps for delivering the required interventions.

Some of these recommendations will take longer to deliver, while some can be actioned in the short-term or are already being acted upon through the work of LLDC and its partners. There are also a number of recommendations that fall outside of LLDC’s remit and where this is the case, we have committed to working in partnership with relevant authorities to communicate these and encourage action to be taken.

This report is a crucial milestone in LLDC’s work to improve the safety of women and girls. Improving the experience of women and girls is beneficial for everyone living, working or visiting the Legacy Corporation area and that is why it is so important we now spend time mapping out how and when required interventions can be delivered - and by who – so that we can create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

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