tumbling bay playgroundTumbling Bay Playground

In the north of the Park, the Tumbling Bay playground features rock pools, sand pits, tall treehouses, and wobbly bridges, as well as slides, swings and plenty of space to run about. We wanted to make sure children had the chance to play in a real, natural environment that encourages them to experiment, and built on the natural landscape of the Park. 

The Tumbling Bay sits alongside the Timber Lodge community centre and café, where parents and kids can relax with a range of fresh, home-cooked food and drink.

It was designed by play space experts Land Use Consultants and Erect Architecture and even includes a piece of modern art: Heather and Ivan Morrison’s Cross and Cave sculpture.

Pleasure Gardens play areas

South Park play areas

Kids love the huge expanse of play areas in the south of the Park, which are designed to let them explore and play freely.  Gigantic red rocks form challenging climbing frames up to broad slides, with oversized swings and a giant sand pit that mean waiting your turn isn’t an issue.

Climbing wall

Formed from the gap left by a bridge which was used during the London 2012 Games, the vibrant red climbing wall is one of the Park’s most popular destinations for climbing fans.  The climbing wall features handholds suitable for traversing or bouldering. 

Waterworks fountain

With 195 individually controlled jets of water, this fountain is a firm favourite for visitors of all ages.  Stand between the snaking pathway of the fountain and you will find yourself in a labyrinth of computer-controlled walls of water.  At night, when the shrieks of soaked visitors dies down, the fountain lights up with a colourful neon glow.

Please note that the Waterworks fountain operates from March to October and are closed during the winter months due to lower temperatures. The fountains are also switched off on major event days, such as West Ham Utd. match days.