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View and comment on applications

Once a planning application is under consideration, we accept representations from anyone, including those who have not been notified of the application.

View and commenting on planning applications

Representations are anything we receive from a third party

You can object, support or comment on a planning application. We accept representations on applications directly via email to planningenquiries@londonlegacy.co.uk.

It is important that you inform us of the planning application reference number and site address when you are making a representation, as well as your name and address. We need this because we unfortunately are not able to consider anonymous comments. Please be aware that any representations we receive are put on a public file and will be available for members of the public to view.

Please be advised that under the Local Government (Access and Information) Act 1985 we are required to ensure that any comments you make (including details of your name and address) are made available for public inspection. In normal circumstances, such information will be available to the general public for viewing as part of the hard copy case file relating to the planning application on Mondays to Fridays between 9am and 5pm by appointment only at the London Legacy Development Corporation Planning Policy and Decisions Team Reception, at the address noted above. In addition, we will publish your comments online on the Planning Register; however we will not publish your name and address online. 

If you do not provide or do not wish your name and address to appear on the hard copy case file, then your comments will be considered anonymous and your views will not be taken into account. If you have any queries about how your personal data will be used, please contact planningenquiries@londonlegacy.co.uk. More detailed information about data protection and privacy matters are available on the Planning Portal at www.planningportal.gov.uk.

Major / significant planning application consultations

Below are some of the major / significant planning applications that are currently being considered by the Planning Policy & Decisions Team:

Carpenters Estate planning application 

In August 2022 the LLDC Planning Policy and Decisions Team (PPDT) received a planning application for the large-scale redevelopment of the Carpenters Estate. The application has been submitted by the London Borough of Newham and the proposal is for:

  • demolition of buildings, excluding Lund Point and 14 homes at Biggerstaff Terrace; 
  • new development refurbishing, replacing and increasing the number of homes (up to 2,022 in total); 
  • new commercial floorspace for uses including offices, research, industrial, retail, hotel, pub and cinema;
  • replacement Building Crafts College;
  • Public Open Space and play facilities;
  • Landscaping;
  • Vehicle, pedestrian and cycle access and infrastructure;
  • Sustainable drainage; and
  • Biodiversity measures

Update on Carpenters Estate planning application

A formal request for information under Regulation 25 of the Town and Country (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017 (as amended) was issued by the planning authority (LLDC) on 3 November 2023. This identified a number of aspects of the proposed development where the LLDC considers that further information would be required in order for the EIA to be considered as an EIA under the EIA Regulations.

In November 2023 the applicant submitted further information in response to the planning authority’s request for further information on Environmental Impact Assessment and other planning comments raised during the determination period by the planning authority (LLDC), Greater London Authority (GLA), Transport for London (TfL), Quality Review Panel (QRP) and several other statutory consultees.

Application documents

The outline planning application has been submitted and comprises of a number of plans, drawings and documents that can be viewed on our website. 

The application can all be viewed via the Planning Application Register, using the following reference number:  22/00360/OUT

How can I comment?

If you have any comments about the proposal, please write to the Planning Policy and Decisions Team by 30th December 2023. Comments must be submitted in writing via email or post (address and email details can be found at the top of this web page.

Planning committee

The Carpenters Estate planning application is on the LLDC Planning Decision Committee’s agenda for decision on February 27th 2024.  

Should you wish to make representations at the Planning Decisions Committee, you need to let us know by Friday 22 July 2022, via email: planningcommittee@londonlegacy.co.uk 

Please find a link to information on public speaking at Committee Meetings.


Planning documentation

All documents submitted for the application are available to view on the planning register (see link above).  We have provided here links to some key documents, which provide an overview of the proposal for viewing/downloading. Please be aware some of these documents are quite large and may take some time to open / download on certain computers:

Updated information November 2023


We are responsible for investigating and resolving alleged breaches of planning  control within our area.  This includes situations where proper permission has not been given for a development or where issues relating the use of a building are causing a disturbance or issue for neighbours. You can view all live enforcements on our Enforcement Register.

Our Planning Committee has an enforcement plan which is in accordance with guidance within the National Planning Policy Framework. This document sets out our approach to dealing with breaches of planning control and enforcement action, sets out priorities for action and timescales for that action and gives contact details for those wishing to report an alleged breach of control.

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