AMR and Brownfield Land Register

The Legacy Corporation's Planning Authority Monitoring Report and Brownfield Land Register

Housing Delivery Test Action Plan

In February 2019, the Government published the results of the first Housing Delivery Test (HDT) that measures net additional dwellings provided in a local authority area against the homes required.

The results of the HDT suggests that the Legacy Corporation has achieved only 52% of its housing target over the three-year period (2015-18). Consequently, the Legacy Corporation has prepared an Action Plan to identify any causes of under-delivery and actions proposed to address them.

To view the Housing Delivery Test Action Plan please click on the link below:




The Planning Authority Monitoring Report sets out progress towards key Local Plan milestones, information on permitted and completed developments along with details of Community Infrastructure Levy schemes and receipts within the monitoring period.

The most recent report provides information for the period from 1st January to 31st December 2018 and is available to view and download below:

Reports from previous years can be viewed and/or downloaded:


Brownfield Land Register

What is the Brownfield Register?

As part of its commitment to the delivery of housing on brownfield land the Government has introduced the requirement within the Brownfield Land Regulations (2017) that each local planning authority publish a Brownfield Land Register by 31 December 2017. Brownfield, or previously developed land is defined by the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

There are two relevant parts to the Register. Part 1 should include brownfield sites of over 0.25ha or are capable of supporting at least 5 dwellings, which are considered suitable, available and achievable for housing development, irrespective of their planning status. The inclusion of a site within Part 2 of the Register effectively grants Permission in Principle (PiP) for residential development. Each register must conform to relevant data standards and keep an up to date record of this standard set of information. There is no specific requirement to enter any sites onto Part 2 of the Register.

For more information on the Brownfield Register and Permission in Principle see the relevant pages of the website.

The LLDC Brownfield Register

The LLDC Brownfield Register has been compiled using the data standard and can be viewed and/or downloaded below:

Three sites have been entered onto Part 1 of the register. Please see below for links to maps showing these site boundaries. As per the guidance, LLDC has applied a 0.25ha threshold or sites capable of delivering 5 dwellings and more.

2018 Review of the Brownfield Register

The Legacy Corporation is required to review and update the Brownfield Land Register on an annual basis. 

As part of Regulation 18 Consultation run between 6 November 2017 and 29 January 2018, the Legacy Corporation carried out a ‘call for sites’ process, when we asked local residents, landowners, developers and other interested parties to submit sites for consideration for inclusion within the review of the Local Plan and the updated Register. In total 7 of the submitted sites expressed a desire for inclusion.

The Legacy Corporation has conducted a detailed review of these sites contained within the Sites Report produced in support of the Regulation 19 Revised Local Plan. This also included an assessment of whether each site meets the criteria of the Brownfield Land Register. It was found that no new sites met the criteria and therefore new sites are proposed for inclusion within the Brownfield Register. 

For more information on how the Legacy Corporation met the commitment to review the Brownfield Register as required by Regulation 17 of the Town and Country Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulations 2017 please see the Statement of Review of the Brownfield Register (November 2018).

Future sites

 If you consider that there are additional sites which are over 0.25ha or 5 dwellings and more should be included on future versions of the Brownfield Register, please complete the Call for Sites form below. Please also use these details for any queries relating to the Register.

All completed forms and/or written comments can be returned by email or post:

by email:; or 
by post:

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