Madison Square Garden (MSG) Sphere Planning Application

In March 2019, the local planning authority, the Planning Policy and Decisions Team, received a planning application for a large-scale live music and entertainment venue from The Madison Square Garden Company (MSG). The proposal is for a spherical shaped building next to Stratford Station that would provide an auditorium (capacity for up to 21,500 people), a music venue, nightclub, members lounge, restaurants, bars, and new bridges to create pedestrian connections across the site amongst other things. The building would be composed of a ‘skin’ of LED’s that would be programmable and could display images on the surface of the building including adverts. An application to display adverts on the building has been submitted alongside the main proposal.


Where are we in the planning process?


The local planning authority requested information in May 2020 to assist with its technical assessment of the planning proposals. This includes transport modelling information, Health and Equalities Impact assessments, residential outlook and amenity information, potential for distraction effects information and an additional application related to dedicated MSG car parking spaces within the Stratford International Car Park. 

A copy of the letter and the information we requested is available on the planning register and on our website.


New information has been submitted in response to our request which is now available to view or download from the Planning Application Register

Public consultation


In line with government and Public Health England guidance, keeping people safe is our priority, but we also want to make sure that community members can see any changes to the MSG proposals and give their views on them. As we are not able to safely arrange public consultation events in the usual way, we are exploring alternative methods to engage residents, businesses and interested groups in the planning process.


This virtual presentation should provide an update on the MSG Sphere project and an overview of the public consultation and key documents:

Please note that if you have sent comments previously you do not need to write in again. All previous comments will remain valid. Should you decide to write to us anyway we would encourage you to focus any comments on any new points not raised in previous correspondence or on the new information that MSG will be providing us.

The deadline for written comments to be sent to us has now been extended to Friday 4 December 2020.

If you have any questions or clarifications that would benefit from further explanation or detail, please email or phone us (details below) and we will consider how best to respond to these queries and update this webpage accordingly. 

Comments should be sent to us either by:

Email: [email protected]


Phone: 0203 4886 894 – this is an automated phoneline. You will be able to leave a message that will be forwarded on to PPDT for their consideration.


Post: Please do not send written submissions to us via post. If you choose to do so, nobody in the Planning team will be in the office to open and process written submissions.


August 2020 Revised Submission 

The applicant has sent an updated package of information which includes new technical assessments, environmental assessment material and planning documents. A copy of the applicant’s covering letter summarising the main changes and new key documents provided is included below.

The new documents can be found on the Planning Application Register by searching ‘AUG20’ in the search bar as demonstrated in this video.

Please be aware some of these documents are quite large and may take some time to open / download on certain computers:


Summary of document contents

Cover Letter

Summarises the August 2020 resubmission submitted by MSG

Regulation 25 Clarifications Report

Explains the specific changes made to the Environmental Statement (ES) as a result of the resubmission

Non-Technical Summary Refresh

Summarises the changes and conclusions of the Environmental Statement in less technical and detailed language

Residential Amenity Assessment

Identifies the impact of the proposed sphere on residential outlook of neighbouring developments

Light Spill – Annex 2 Part A, Annex 2 Part B, Annex 2 Part C, Annex 3, Annex 4


These sections of the Light spill chapters of the Environmental Statement identify the light spill effects into the surrounding environment from the sphere in different scenarios


Outlines how the applicant proposes to operate the proposed venue in isolation but also in combination with other stadia including the London Stadium

Road User Safety Report

Identifies the proposed impact on road users along 6 key routes around the site. The document includes 6 videos that can be accessed using the password ‘msgdriver’

Digital Display Contents Control report

Summarises the applicant’s (MSG’s) proposed strategy to control the sphere screen

Advertisement Design Statement

Summarises the changes to the applicant’s proposed advertising strategy

Document Status & Clarifications Letter  Summarises the status of each document and what has been superseded 


Where can I view the planning application?

The detailed planning application and advertisement consent can be viewed on our website. via the Planning Application Register, using the following reference numbers:

  • Full Planning Application: 19/00097/FUL
  • Advertisement Consent Application: 19/00098/ADV

Members of the public can purchase digital copies (USB stick) of the Environmental Statement (ES) for £10 (plus postage and packaging).  Hard copies of the Non-Technical Summary of the ES are available free of charge (1 copy per request).  To request a digital or hard copy of these documents please email:  [email protected].



The planning applications will be determined by the LLDC Planning Decision Committee, after the Planning Policy Decisions Team have reviewed the submission and all written responses received during the consultation period. No date is currently set and it is considered that the earliest this could take place is early 2021. This page will be updated in due course once the date for Committee is known.