Executive Management Team

The Executive Management Team (EMT) supports the Chief Executive in the day to day management of the Legacy Corporation.

Current EMT members are:

  • Lyn Garner – CEO
  • Gerry Murphy  Deputy CEO and Executive Director of Financial, Commercial and Corporate Services
  • Paul Brickell  Executive Director of Regeneration and Community Partnerships
  • Mark Camley  Executive Director of Park Operations and Venues
  • Layla Conway – Chair of Employee Forum

  • Anthony Hollingsworth  Director of Planning Policy and Decisions
  • Richard Irish – Chair of Change Board

  • Rosanna Lawes  Executive Director of Development
  • Irene Man – Chair of Strategic EMT

  • Colin Naish  Executive Director of Construction
  • Anne Ogundiya – Chair of Management Forum

  • Sarah Perry  Director of HR
  • Ed Stearns  Director of Communication, Marketing and Strategy