East Summer School is back for in-person delivery this summer (26 July – 6 August) for our most exciting programme to date!

Calling all 12-17-year olds in east London to sign up for our FREE unique, interactive and high-quality summer school. These face-to-face sessions range from one-off one-day workshops to week-long courses covering subjects as diverse as our incredible partners. From fashion to architecture and engineering to skateboarding and hip hop dancing, you can find a full breakdown of our programme and timetable below.

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Applications close on Monday 12 July 2021. If you have any questions or need assistance completing the form, you can get in touch by emailing [email protected] or call us on 07811300019.

Since 2018 we have invited young people in East London to sign up for our FREE unique, interactive and high-quality summer school. Last year we delivered our biggest programme online with 37 courses delivered by 22 partners and reached more than 270 young East Londoners. 

East Summer School is supported by our world-leading East Bank partners BBC, UAL’s London College of Fashion, University College London, V&A, Sadler’s Wells, all soon to be based here in East London. The programme is also supported by Here East, Foundation for Future London, City of London, Culture Mile Learning, Mace, LMA, Staffordshire University, Bloom, and is being managed by London Legacy Development Corporation.

Please note that the summer school this year will be taking place in-person in and around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London and not online. Before signing up please look at the timetable to check that you will be able to make the dates for your preferred course. All courses will run from 10AM-4PM. Places will be offered with priority given to those who live in Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets or Waltham Forest. If successful you will be offered your place on your chosen summer school course no later than 15 July 2021.


East Summer School Programme 2021

  • Partner: LMA
    Age: 15-17
    Whether your passion is Blockbusters or Box Sets, you’ll develop the skills over the three days to deliver some of the most famous scenes from the biggest movies and the most iconic series from Netflix, Amazon and Now TV.
  • Partner: Breakin Convention
    Age: 15-17
    Have you ever wanted to make your own music? Do you want write your own raps? Create an EP? Or build confidence in performing? 
    You have an opportunity to be mentored by artist professionals to make your own music. This is a Rap and Hip Hop based project but is open to singers as well as rappers.


    Back in the Booth workshop

  • Partner: London College of Fashion University of the Arts London
    Age: 15-17
    Design the next bestseller bag! You will be working with a successful accessories’ designer to research, design and create a prototype of your bag of choice - for sport, work, school or partying! Be inspired by new innovative materials and creations before presenting your idea – one winning design will be made at LCF studios!  


    Bags of Talent workshop

     Image Credit: Bami Oyefeso, BA Cordwainers Fashion Bag and Accessories


  • Partner: UCL Connected Environments Lab
    Age: 12-14
    Discover how to build a simple soil sensor prototype to make sure your plants are getting the right amount of light and water, and design an AR (augmented reality) marker using mosaic tiles.
    In this hands-on creative tech space you will learn how to make your marker come to life by making it interactive, pull in data from the sensors, and access it via a smartphone.
    You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the application of similar technologies in cutting edge research projects by members of the Connected Environments Lab, such as the bat boxes in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
  • Partner: UCL Institute of Making
    Age: 12-14
    Spend the day learning how to bring to life an Ohbot or Picoh robot head! 
    We will be using Scratch, an easy-to-use programming language. You will start by coding simple movement, behaviour and speech, and then progress to writing virtual assistant and AI (Artificial Intelligence) programmes.

    Institute of making

  • Partner: UCL East Schools Engagement and Slade School of Fine Art
    Age: 12-14
    Experiment with collage as a way of thinking, and learn new techniques with Rebecca Loweth to create a portrait collage! You will use mixed media (paint, drawing, 3D etc.) to explore the varied techniques of collage, and challenge the boundaries of the medium.
    You’ll also learn a little bit about the history of collage and be exposed to a diverse range of artists for inspiration. At the end of the day you will get a chance to share and discuss your work with your fellow creatives. 
  • Partner: London College of Fashion University of the Arts London
    Age: 12-14 and 15-17
    Create professional and inspirational mood boards for your story. Over this 2-day workshop you will explore images through visual composition, photography and research and go on to develop digital skills to present your story through colour - essential for all creative study and invaluable for communicating your creative ideas.


    Colour stories workshop

    Stephanie Shaw, Show at Oxo Tower

  • Partner: Mace Group
    Age: 15-17 
    An exciting programme of industry wide engagement to inspire you to choose a career in construction and inform you of the varied roles within the built environment. 
    The aim of this course is for you to experience what it is like to take on different professional roles; from project managers and designers to sustainability managers and the opportunity to experience the industry from the inside.  
    Over the course of three days you will participate in different activities designed to enhance your learning on the different sectors within the industry, such as a site visit where you will get to see behind the scenes of how a live construction project is managed, as well as virtual reality to see the future of construction as well as designing your own building and presenting this to a panel of judges, and much more! 
    Sign up and join us to widen your career horizons, challenge stereotypes, champion STEM careers and support you to achieve your career ambitions! We will teach you how to develop your own employability skills and all about the range of progression routes open within your local area.


    Consructing Your Success workshop

  • Partner: Staffordshire University
    Age: 15-17
    Join us for an opportunity to script, present and film your own TV show. Learn how to utilise industry standard equipment and stream it live on Twitch.
    This session will be led by the Staffordshire University London Technical Specialist Jamie Sergeant.

    Create your own TV segment workshop

  • Partner: UCL 
    Age: 12-14
    In this storytelling workshop we will make a short documentary together, inspired by the theme of CHANGE with Documentary Filmmaker Kate Stonehill. 
    You will become a videographer, taking your social media skills to the next level and shooting footage for our film on your phones. We’ll explore questions such as: what are the different shots we need to tell a story? How can we use sound, movement and light creatively to bring our theme to life?
    At the end of the workshop, your footage will be edited together into a short documentary film to be screened at the end of East Summer School.


    Documentary in a day workshop

  • Partner: Foundation for Future London
    Age: 15-17 

    Learning an art form is a great foundation for your creative career, but developing the right supporting skills can take things to the next level. In these sessions a creative professional, and a creative employer will help you supercharge your career opportunities by introducing you to ‘Fusion Skills’ - a set of transferable skills in great demand by creative employers, and of huge value to creative freelancers. 

    Join creative professional Torri Stewart (https://misfit.work) and a panel of industry creatives for a series of interactive sessions over two days that will let you loose on a mix of creative challenges. This two day programme will give you a valuable insight into working in the creative sector and help broaden your career opportunities.
    Supported by Foundation for FutureLondon, City of London & Culture Mile Learning.

    Fusion Futures session


  • Partner: Bloom (Bloom Educational Courses CIC)
    Age: 12-14
    Come and join us at the newly created Blossom Garden for a series of hands-on and multisensory workshops. Together we will let nature be our teacher as we explore how we can live in harmony with our planet and with each other.
    Explore the power of our senses in a tea tasting workshop from Twining’s and create a sensory trail for visitors to the park.
    Discover the wonders of biodiversity and turn your hand to horticulture with the gardeners of the Olympic Park. 
    Create a piece of original spoken word poetry, inspired by the nature of the Blossom Garden, and celebrating local community heroes.
    Produce an outdoor sound sculpture with Ben Gates from the Orchestra of Objects, capturing nature’s sounds. 
    Make your own Pact with Nature for now and the future of the planet.

    Harmony in nature workshop

  • Partner: Sadler’s Wells
    Age: 12-14

    Join leading dance company ZooNation: The Kate Prince Company artists for a fun-filled 5 days of Contemporary and Hip Hop based dance, focusing on Message in a Bottle, a Sadler's Wells and Universal Music UK production. 

    Throughout the course you will learn rep from the show, covering different genres of dance and how to use these in narrative work, as well as exploring the themes of the show to create your own movement.


     East Summer School hip hop session

  • Partner: UCL Special Collections
    Age: 12-14
    Ever wondered what artists and illustrators have to do with scientific and historical research? Do you love drawing and want to develop your skills further? 
    Join us to discover how illustrations have been (and still are!) essential to the way we make sense of the world around us.   
    You’ll spend three days exploring beautiful illustrations in the rare books and archives at UCL Special Collections, create some stunning illustrations, and meet some experienced artists and illustrators who work in a range of different settings.
  • Partner: Here East and Ultra Education
    Age: 12-14 
    Have a passion? Why not make money from it! #DOWHATYOULOVE
    Calling all young entrepreneurs!
    Are you aged 12 – 14 years old and have a business idea, or ar you looking to set up your own business?
    Well, look no further! Come and join us at our two-day taster sessions into setting up your own business. 
    These workshops will help you understand the journey of entrepreneurship and provide you with some useful tips on the skills and confidence you need to start your own business.
  • Partner: Staffordshire University School of Health and Social Care
    Age: 12-14 and 15-17
    Interested in being equipped with basic life support skills? 
    In this one-day workshop you will learn skills like CPR and engage in role-playing critical moments including an ambulance activity in a real-life ambulance! 
    Come along to Staffordshire Universities incredible campus at Here East to be inspired and take away some important skills for life (literally). 

    Staffordshire University

  • Partner: BBC
    Age: 12-14 
    Work with a BBC Sounds Producer to craft your own music mix inspired by Mindful Mix on BBC Sounds. Weave together recordings of the BBC Symphony Orchestra and Singers with ambient sounds from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and spoken word to create a unique chill-out sonic mixtape. 
    Learn how to combine and blend music and audio in order to create a unique listening experience to help your audience relax and unwind.  

    BBC sounds logo

    Mindful mix workshop
  • Partner: UCL East
    Age: 12-14 and 15-17
    Two young artists, and graduates from Slade School of Fine Art, Taylor Smith and Isobel Napier, will teach you how to make prints using Dry Point etching and Chine Collé. At the end you will have etched your own designs onto plastic plates which you’ll be able to take home!
  • Partner: Smart Mobility Living Lab (SMLL)
    Age: 12-14 and 15-17 
    Delivered by the Smart Mobility Living Lab; London’s real-world testbed for the testing and validation of autonomous vehicles, you will be challenged to produce your own computer code to analyse different objects that can be seen by cameras.
    You will be able to automatically pick out different objects such as other cars, buses, pedestrians, and cyclists - this is the basis for how autonomous cars can talk to each other and to other things on the street such as traffic lights.  
    You will also be shown the Smart Mobility Living Lab’s very own Autonomous Vehicle and how it can be used to help development in this exciting area.  


    Self-driving cars workshop

  • Partner: UCL
    Age: 12-14

    During this week-long course you will learn how to skateboard, how to design skate parks, and how to shoot action photos and film!
  • Partner: Foundation for Future London and Here Us
    Age: 15-17
    Spoken Word is a one-day hands-on workshop that delves into the strange and wonderful phrases we use day to day.
    With help and guidance from Here Us we will explore and challenge our use of slang and the physical environment.
    In this workshop we will help you to get to grips with 360 photography, 3D scanning and mark making to aid creative thinking and generation of your own spoken word pieces inspired by the Park and local surroundings. The collective outputs of the workshop will support the future development of artworks across the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
    Supported by Foundation for FutureLondon & City of London.
  • Partner: London College of Fashion University of the Arts London
    Age: 15-17
    Create a look from an industry brief and style it with a team of professional stylists and London College of Fashion. Oover 3 days you will develop the mood board for your look, then go onto style a live model for a photoshoot to add to your portfolio.


    styling it out workshop

    Image Credit: Charli Fletcher @charliiamlegend

  • Partner: Staffordshire University
    Age: 15-17
    • Computer Games Design
    • Esports
    • Cyber Security  
    In each of these on-off taster sessions you will gain insight into exciting growth industries: Esports, cyber security and computer games design. 
    You will learn what these industries are, how big they are, the job opportunities in each, and how to get into these industries. 
    Brought to you by Staffordshire University London lecturers who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their sector.  

    Major Emergency workshop
  • Partner: Class of Your Own and BBC
    Age: 15-17 
    Over the course of a week, you will design an independent music recording studio and intimate performance space at the new BBC headquarters, East Bank at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 
    You will work in teams to think about how to utilise the space, while designing a sustainable and inclusive building that can be used for a variety of end-users. You will hear from experts from the BBC and some of the biggest architecture, engineering and construction companies in the world who will help you create room and building designs like a pro.

    Design a recording studio

  • Partner: UCL Engineering and Institute of Healthcare Engineering
    Age: 15-17
    As COVID-19 infections around the world began to rise, a team of UCL doctors and engineers teamed up with Mercedes (Formula 1) to rapidly develop and manufacture life-saving breathing aids. These devices are now helping to save patients' lives in over 130 NHS hospitals and over 15 other countries.
    The challenge: every country is different with different medical systems and pathways of care, supply chains, regulations, economics and stakeholders. 
    The team need your help to figure out how this challenge might affect the use and uptake of the breathing devices and what the next step of the project could be. They have identified several different countries that they are interested in. You have been asked to come in and provide outside expertise to help us narrow that list down. Your team will be provided with a resource document on one of the countries from our list and, through a series of guided activities, consider potential opportunities and barriers to roll out of the breathing aids. Your team will also generate some initial ideas for how we might overcome barriers and provide the greatest impact. 
    Interview with the two lead engineers Tim and Becky giving an overview of the project - https://bit.ly/3tTCKWk 
    We've also created a video featuring short clips from teams across the world to celebrate the diversity of partnerships involved -


    Engineering solutions workshop

    Image credit: James Tye / UCL

  • Partner: V&A East and Store Projects
    Age: 15-17
    Join us for a V&A East X STORE Summer School where you will work together in teams to make structures and furniture through digital and analogue making techniques. 
    We will use a 3D laser-scanner to capture the movement of our bodies and create volumes that will become our walls, chairs and tables. 
    These will be accurately reproduced through layering sheets and carving them back to reveal the legs, elbows and faces that are frozen within the structure.


     Digital Body architecture workshop

  • Partner: LMA
    Age: 15-17
    Work on songs and dance routines from some of the biggest shows in the world including Hamilton, Wicked, Six, Bodyguard, School of Rock and Book of Mormon. You’ll be taught by some of the cast members themselves.
  • Partner: UCL Ethnography Collection
    Age: 15-17
    Join this one-day workshop and discover objects from the UCL Ethnography Collection! You will be invited to learn how to handle special objects and understand the significance of objects in cultures and history. You will have the chance to write a creative piece about the object that inspires you most, and learn more about how to approach objects in a decolonised way.