GDI Hub founders bring Paralympics legacy back in focus in latest LLDC podcast

We all have such fond memories of 2012 and the incredible show London put on that summer. We also remember the many significant achievements that were showcased and how the great work done in the build up to the Olympics and Paralympics paved the way for change.

Not just change but a shift in attitude and perception, too. How can you forget the terrific campaign that allowed for a seamless and very powerful transition from the closing ceremony of the Olympics to the opening ceremony of the Paralympics? 

‘Thanks for the warm-up’ was the line used to promote the Paralympics. It served as a reminder that London 2012 was only just getting started. It was bold but entirely necessary given the goal of wanting to banish the stigma surrounding disability and disabled sports. 

There can be no doubt that nine years on the world has changed in so many ways from being more diverse and more accessible. 

The perception of the Paralympics changed at London 2012 and it has continued to do so. 

We are exceptionally proud at the London Legacy Development Corporation on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to have played our part. In our latest podcast you will hear from the founders of the Global Disability Innovation Hub which is based at Here East on the Park.

Vicki Austin, Professor Cathy Holloway and Iain McKinnon all talk about London’s legacy which is one of inclusion and accessibility. Craig Spence, chief brand and communications officer at the International Paralympic Committee, also joins later in the podcast to talk about the IPC’s We the 15 campaign which has been unveiled at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic opening ceremony.