Commemorative blossom garden coming to the Park

Winter weather might still be in full force, but it won’t be long before spring comes along and we can enjoy the Park in full bloom once again. This will be made extra special with the new memorial garden of blossom trees planted in the north of the Park to commemorate Londoners and the city’s shared experience of the pandemic.

The 33 trees – one for each London borough – will bloom in spring, coinciding with the start of the first lockdown in 2020. The garden will be planted in three rings – a central ring of 17 trees, and two smaller rings of nine and seven trees, and comprise eight different species of blossoms.

The garden is being created in partnership with the Mayor of London, the National Trust and Bloomberg, and will be the first in a series of living memorials to the pandemic organised by the National Trust. The Mayor said: “This public garden of blossom trees will be a permanent reminder of the lives that have been lost, a tribute to every single key worker, and a symbol of how Londoners have stood together to help one another.”

We’re proud to host this lasting tribute on the Park, offering a place of reflection for Londoners and beyond.

Blossom Project

How the blossom garden will look once planted in the north of the Park