Interview with Alex Decunha

Alex Decunha is one of the UK’s top skateboarders and has competed in skating events all over the world. Ahead of the Street League Skateboarding World Tour stopping off at the Copper Box Arena, we spoke to him about how it felt to have the competition taking place a little closer to home.

Are you excited to have the Street League Skateboarding world tour hosted in London?
Yeah, its great – this event is live-streamed all over the world and watched by thousands of people, so to be able to go and see it in person is incredible!

What can people expect to see at the event if they’ve never been before?
Imagine an event where they get all the world’s best footballers together in one room at the same time – that’s what it’s like for skateboarding! This is a chance to see the absolute best, and the atmosphere will be amazing.

What’s the format of the competition?
The Street League format is based on tricks. Competitors get one minute to skate the course and do as many tricks as possible. You’ve got to find a careful balance because if you go too hard on the first trick to impress and end up messing it up you could find yourself spending most of your time chasing after your board!

There’s also a round where everyone has to do a single trick, and you get five goes at that. Your tricks are scored out of 10, and if you get nine you join ‘the Nine Club’ – the whole crowd goes nuts! That’s what’s nice about it, even though it’s quite competitive the crowds are always really supportive.

What do you think about skateboarding becoming an Olympic sport?
I support it, I think it’ll be really interesting. It’ll have a really positive impact on skating culture, and hopefully will inspired a lot of young kids to get involved and take it further which is exciting.

What’ll be interesting is if a lot of the pros in the American skate scene end up skating for their home countries instead – Brazil has some great skaters, for example, so they’re definitely ones to look out for!

Where did you learn to skate? Do you use skate parks?
Skate parks are so much fun, and because they’re custom-built there’s a lot of care that goes into the design to make sure everything is built perfectly to be the right size or shape for tricks. I use them when I’m giving something new a go. That’s the way it goes – you learn at the skate park, then take it out on the street.

Tickets are still available for the Street League Skateboarding World Tour at the Copper Box Arena, so book yours now!