Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park hosts Future of London candidates

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park played host to a team of Future London Leaders candidates from Future of London, on 2 May to discuss how London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), alongside the Park’s host boroughs, are working together to overcome the potential barriers separating it from its neighbouring areas.

Future of London is an independent network that connects the capital’s regeneration, housing, infrastructure and economic development practitioners. Its Future London Leaders programme supports the development of London’s most promising practitioners working to deliver a truly liveable London. 

Staff members at the LLDC met with the Future London Leaders candidates to explain how the groundwork for connecting the Park in the delivery of an accessible games and a successful legacy began well before the Games in 2012. Nearly 50 new physical links were created in and around the Park to allow for ongoing development post London 2012 as well as hidden infrastructure including utility lines and an enhanced digital infrastructure to offer unrivalled internet and communications capacity. 

One of the former Olympic venues making full use of this hidden infrastructure is the former broadcast centre, now known as Here East, which is a hub for high-tech digital companies as well as a research facility. Programmes supported by LLDC, such as Flipside, are taking full advantage of the facility through their combination of hands-on industry experience mixed with foundational classroom learning to help local residents looking to break in to the technology sector.  

It’s not just the area’s new industries that are being focused on however; LLDC’s investment programme also extends to the area’s more traditional industries, ensuring that existing businesses aren’t pushed out as development continues through affordable workspaces, business support and networking as the LLDC works to safeguard the existing business community. 

Transport links are still being improved today; Hackney Wick Station has recently been upgraded and improved to help handle the increase in capacity thanks to funding from LLDC, the Greater London Authority and London Boroughs of Hackney and Tower Hamlets. This station upgrade is all central to the new Hackney Wick neighbourhood centre which will offer homes, retail, community facilities as well as affordable workspace. 

For more information on the Future of London and their Overcoming London’s Barriers series, please visit FutureofLondon.org.uk