SHIFT brings together the shared knowledge and collective endeavours of a range of business, academic, cultural and community partners, seeking to position east London globally in terms of research, development and enterprise. Located in the growing and diverse heart of east London, Shift will explore, test and improve on key everyday issues, yet with applicability and scalability to other urban areas

SHIFT will ensure that our approach to innovation remains firmly embedded on good growth and sustainable outcomes by: 

  • Putting the public at the heart of innovation so that research and development focuses on the needs of the community as well as business outcomes 

  • Putting climate resilience, clean air and net zero at the heart of business plans 

  • Encouraging a creative culture that supports entrepreneurship, investment and innovation and one that values skills and connectivity. 

  • Maintaining a thriving and vibrant public space to attract individuals, families and communities to work, live and visit. 

Applying for a Trial 

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is set apart from other urban testbeds by its focus on inclusivity and creating opportunities through growth that can drive improved outcomes for everyone and encourage civic participation. We welcome all innovators from all sectors and backgrounds who are keen to work with us on this mission towards more inclusive innovation.   

Entrepreneurs, communities, institutions, organisations, businesses and government bodies who wish to test innovative products, services and systems in practice before they can be rolled out are welcome to get in touch to discuss their projects.   
If you wish to hold a trial on the Park, please read our Applications Guidelines and complete the Trial Application FormYou will be contacted by a member of the Innovation Team within 10 working days of submitting your initial application.  


Applications will be assessed on the following criteria: 

  • The trial is linked to SHIFT’s core innovation areas: Rethinking Movement, Health and Wellbeing, and Climate Adaptation in Cities 

  • If you have an innovation trial that falls outside of these themes but still addresses the criteria below – please do contact us. 

  • The trial is suitable for the Park 

  • The trial serves our mission to support inclusive innovation, community participation and environmental sustainability 

  • The trial partner has the experience and capability to deliver the trial 


Please contact the Innovation team at [email protected] should you have any questions.