Hackney Wick and Fish Island

With a major concentration of artists and studio spaces, this canalside community is a hub of creativity and innovation. Set alongside long-established residential and business communities, this has become one of London’s most exciting new destinations.

Though many Londoners are only just starting to realise what the area has to offer, Hackney Wick and Fish Island has been quietly innovating for centuries. Featuring the first dry cleaners and the world’s first synthetic plastic, the area a hundred years ago was a thriving Victorian industrial suburb catering for a huge range of chemical industries.

Now many of those same buildings are used by hundreds of artists, designers, digital specialists and creative thinkers to develop a powerhouse for a new kind of economy. Cooperative workspaces, quirky bars and cafes, public artworks and a vibrant nightlife make this one of the capital’s most existing communities.

West of the Lea Navigation, there are many opportunities for new development and the recent upgrade of Hackney Wick station is a key element in bringing those opportunities to life. LLDC will be working closely with the local community as these changes happen. Using our planning powers positively to help shape new development, we are looking at how best to use these powers to help change happen while protecting the most important buildings and areas of historic value.

Hackney Wick Neighbourhood Centre

Now is an exciting time for Hackney Wick. The opening of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on its doorstep, station improvements and increasing investment in local development, bring some major opportunities for regeneration. These should be of real benefit to those people living and working in the area.
We want to build on the area’s rich history and we are working on a heritage inspired plan for sensitive and sustainable development in the neighbourhood centre, that can retain employment space, provide new housing and deliver high quality public realm whilst making the most of existing assets.
Consultations have been held throughout Hackney Wick on our plans for the neighbourhood centre, and copies of the relevant materials can be seen below. Please note that as these are large files, you may need to right click and 'save as' to ensure they are downloaded in full.


Hackney Wick masterplan - first section

Set one: Introduction

  • Neighbourhood centre
  • Why are we doing this, what are we doing, and how?
  • What is already happening in the area?


Set two: Our proposals (1)

  • A heritage inspired centre
  • Historic streets, yards and passageways
  • Opening up access to the canal
  • Variety of building heights and sizes
  • Character and appearance


Set three: Our proposals (2)

  • Public realm design
  • Workspace and working yards
  • Amenities
  • New homes