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Westfield Avenue

As part of a wider portfolio of road, pavement and cycleway improvements in the area, Westfield Avenue and its adjoining streets are proposed to be transformed.

Having undertaken studies in 2015 demonstrating the possibility of reducing the number of highway lanes without undue impact on traffic, LLDC in partnership with London Borough of Newham have now completed an initial design which will be delivered in stages commencing 2023.

Sustainability and design aims

a mock up of how Westfield Avenue will look

Sustainability and design aims

The proposals seek to create a radical streetscape fit for the 21st century, to support sustainable travel and a fitting address for the new homes, businesses, and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 

The road will be reduced in width in order to create space for wider pavements and a dedicated off road two-way cycle lane, as well as trees, planting and places to sit and socialise.

The designs are sought to be inclusive to all, with rigorous input from LLDC's Built Environment Access Panel and other disability groups. An Equality Impact Assessment was utilised to help ensure the project is welcoming and accessible to all (for full report, refer to link below).

Substantial number of trees and planting areas will transform the appearance of the street and offer shade and shelter from wind. The planting beds are designed to absorb rainwater and harmful chemicals from the road and pavement in order to preserve local watercourses. The design adheres to the principles of the Mayor of London’s Healthy Streets Framework.

This scheme will be among the first to be delivered of a wider portfolio of highways improvements being undertaken collectively by LLDC and London Borough of Newham to create an attractive network of walking and cycling routes in the wider area.

Consultation outcomes

a mock up of how Westfield Avenue will look

Consultation outcomes

The Public consultation on proposals was undertaken by LLDC with in partnership with London Borough of Newham in July 2022. Through both a digital survey and in person events, members of the public were invited to comment on proposals including the pavements, crossings, bus stops and cycle lanes.

The response was overwhelmingly positive with over 70% responding 'positive' or 'mostly positive' overall.

Plan showing the design proposals for Westfield Avenue and the adjacent Stratford Wa

Project Timeline

  • 2015: Initial feasibility studies prove that the highway can be narrowed without adverse impact on traffic.
  • Summer 2020: Design team appointed, headed by LDA Design, and Norman Rourke Pryme traffic consultants.
  • November 2020: Public consultation 'heat map' identified key issues with the existing highway.
  • Summer 2022: Public consultation on the scheme proposals showed an overwhelmingly positive response. 
  • October 2022: Equalities impact assessment completed at the end of the design process.
  • November 2022: The scheme proposals were approved by London Borough of Newham's Cabinet.
  • Spring 2023: London Borough of Newham will take on the project overseeing technical design and construction.
  • Winter 2024: Works due to commence.
  • Summer 2026: Works due to complete. 

To find out more, get in touch by emailing WestfieldAvenue@newham.gov.uk or visit newham.gov.uk/westfieldavenue

Further Details:

November 2020 'Heat map'

July 2022 Public consultation on proposals

September 2022 Public consultation report and findings

Equality Impact Assessment

Westfield Avenue FAQs

Who is funding this project?

  • The project is funded in majority by planning contributions from neighbouring developments. The first phase of work is now fully-funded,  with additional funding currently being targeted for the further phases of work.

Will there be additional traffic congestion?

  • During the works there is likely to be some diversions for short periods, but it's hoped they can be can be phased to keep traffic moving for the majority of the time.
  • The proposals have been modelled extensively by Traffic Engineers based on the current (pre-Covid) annual busiest periods just before Christmas, and have found no substantial impact on car congestion or bus times.

Who will manage the street once complete?

  • The street will be managed and maintained by London Borough of Newham in perpetuity.

What will happen during London Stadium events?

  • As per the current situation, Westfield Avenue will accommodate crowds arriving at and leaving the London Stadium during events. This will mean the south end of Westfield Avenue will be closed to through-traffic during those hours. The proposals try to better-accommodate this so as to allow more space for non-events pedestrians and cyclists.

What will happen during large events at Lee Valley Velopark?

  • As Olympic Park Avenue will become one-way southbound, vehicle access to the Velopark will be from Abercrombie Rd.
  • The improvement of junctions and connected two-way cycle routes will dramatically improve cycle and pedestrian access to the Velopark from Stratford Central.
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