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Roach Point Bridge

A planning application was made in December 2022 for the replacement of Roach Point Bridge to create a new walking and cycle link between Hackney Wick and Fish Island. The potential to replace the existing bridge and improve the associated infrastructure will create a more transparent crossing and vastly improve connectivity between Hackney Wick, in particular Hackney Wick Station and Fish Island. The bridge will also connect homes in Fish Island and Hackney Wick, including Fish Island Village.


The area is set to undergo a significant transformation over the coming years, with a vision for the Hackney Wick and Fish Island sub area to become vibrant, diverse and well-connected series of mixed and balanced neighbourhoods, with places of social, cultural and economic activity. This includes development coming forward in the future for the Hackney Wick Masterplan.  

The local plan and supplementary planning documents identify Roach Point Bridge as a principal connection improvement. It has been identified in supplementary planning documents that the north south route over the Hertford Union Canal will include a replacement pedestrian and cycle bridge to help meet the overall connectivity aims and objectives for the area.  

Sustainability and design aims

The development proposal seeks to reuse the existing ‘H14’ footbridge which previously was located at the end of Monier Road. 

The development proposal will contribute to waste reduction through the reuse of materials, therefore optimising site capacity through the design-led approach. 

The sustainability of the project and the move to cycling and walking as primary modes of transportation will both benefit from making sure the design offers a positive user experience. 

The materials chosen for the new approach are intended to relate to the area’s unique industrial heritage, as well as the immediate context of the existing H10 bridge, Copper Box Arena and surrounding industrial buildings. 

The designs are sought to be inclusive for all in relation to creating a space where pedestrian routes are designed with suitable level of grading, suitable widths, pedestrian surfaces which creating a safe, accessible and inclusive environment for all. 

The replacement footbridge will increase safety in the area and will be well-lit and users will no longer need to walk along the tow path. This design aims to create a more direct route between Hackney Wick Station and Fish Island. 

Project timeline

  • 14th October to 20th November 2022:Consultation period
  • December 2022: Planning Application submitted 
  • December 2022 – February 2023: Determination period 
  • February 2024: Construction begins 
  • February 2025: Bridge opens 


Have your opinions heard

London Legacy Development Corporation would like to get your thoughts on plans for a new pedestrian and cycle footbridge to improve connectivity between Hackney Wick and Fish Island. 

In person public consultation events took place on the 27th October and 1st November 2022. 

The consultation period took place between the 14th October to 20th November 2022 and the public had the opportunity to give views online, by post and in-person.

Consultation outcomes

In total, there were 27 attendees at both consultation events. As part of the public consultation, local residents had the opportunity to ask questions to the applicant and design team which sought to resolve any queries of the proposal. In total 10 respondents used the online consultation platform, and 7 responses were provided through the in-person survey.  

To summarise the public showed a great deal of support for the Roach Point Bridge development proposal and residents/locals are very much looking forward to the opening of the new bridge. Comments indicated that the current bridge is run down and not fit for purpose and detracts people from the area. 

The new bridge will provide a well-lit route to Hackney Wick station which would be particularly welcoming for women, girls and other marginalised genders walking alone.  

In terms of economic benefits, it was described that the opening of the new bridge would increase footfall to local businesses on the island if direct access from the station was facilitated, consequently, boosting the local economy. 

Residents believed it is logical for a new bridge to be built due to the new residential buildings being built in Fish Island, this will help the area cope with the increased footfall.  

Planning application submitted

The replacement Roach Point Bridge application was made to the LLDC’s Planning Policy and Decisions Team on the 21st  December 2022. The planning reference number is: (22/00524/FUL). Please click here to view the submission.

Further details

Please do check this webpage for any further updates. If you wish to receive email updates on the project, please email roachpointbridge@londonlegacy.co.uk .
There is a further opportunity to comment during the planning determination period between December 2022 to February 2023.

To comment on this application during the consultation period and until a decision has been issued, please email planningenquiries@londonlegacy.co.uk

There will be a further opportunity to comment during the planning determination period between December 2022 to March 2023.

Consultation Boards here

Link to flyer HERE

Links to SPDs:

LLDC Local Plan 2020-2036

Hackney Wick and Fish Island SPD (March 2018)

Fish Island Area Action Plan (September 2012)


Why has the replacement bridge been proposed?

  • The replacement Roach Point Bridge will improve the vital connection between Fish Island and Hackney Wick while highlighting the unique identity and appearance of these two neighbourhoods, as noted in the LLDC Local Plan (2021), which designates Hackney Wick and Fish Island as Sub Area 1.
  • The Hackney Wick and Fish Island Supplementary Planning Document (2018) identifies that within infrastructure, connectivity projects have been identified to ensure that accessibility to public transport is delivered as well and encourage more movements by foot or bicycle in the Hackney Wick and Fish Island area.
  • The proposed replacement Roach Point Bridge is therefore clearly highlighted in local policy that it will act as a key connectivity and infrastructure improvement to Hackney Wick and Fish Island Sub Area. 
  • The bridge is part of series of projects that will transform Hackney Wick and Fish island in the coming years.
  • The bridge will also connect homes which will be delivered in the future as part of the Hackney Wick Masterplan to Fish Island.

How would the replacement bridge improve upon the existing Roach Point Bridge?

  • The Fish Island Area Action Plan identifies a priority to improve connections over the waterways and identifies that the existing Roach Point Bridge should be upgraded as the existing bridge is narrow and unable to accommodate the substantial intensification of pedestrian and cycle traffic due to committed and proposed developments in the area.
  • The current route between Hackney Wick and Fish Island involves walking along the towpath, the replacement bridge will create a more direct and accessible route between Hackney Wick and Fish Island.
  • This bridge will provide a safer connectivity point between Hackney Wick and Fish Island, with improved lighting to ensure that users feel safe when walking day/night.
  • The replacement bridge will act as a public realm improvement with improvements proposed to the landscaping.
  • The replacement bridge seeks to make re-use of the previous H14 Bridge which fulfils the criteria for sustainable development.

Why is the planning application being resubmitted from 2017?

  •  An application for the same scheme was previously submitted in July 2017 and was approved in October 2017 by the LLDC Planning Authority (ref: 17/00307/FUL). This planning approval required development to commence within a three-year period following the date of its permission, however development has not commenced due to Covid-19 disruption and other various factors. Subsequently the planning permission expired as of October 2020. A new planning application is being made in order to obtain approval for the replacement Roach Point Bridge. There is minimal detailed design changes, a resubmission of the 2017 scheme is being made considering new policy changes from national, regional and local levels. 

What impact will Construction have on me?

  • The existing Roach Point Bridge will be demolished an inaccessible for a period of 11 months Pedestrians and cyclists will have to seek alternative routes such as Monier Road Footbridge and walking along Capital Ring and then turning onto White Post Lane for a period of circa 11 months. A detailed diversion plan with signage and programme will be worked up by the contractor and will be shared with residents and key stakeholders in due course.

Funding for the Bridge

  • To the north of the bridge is the Wickside development managed by the contractor O’Shea and as part of their S106 they are required to deliver the northern bridge approach and the bridge deck.
  • The southern approach of the bridge is being delivered by LLDC funded through CIL/S106 monies. 
  • LLDC are working with O’Shea the developer for Wickside and their contractor to deliver all the works. 
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