Health and wellbeing is recognised as a key enabler of effective individual and organisational performance; it is about being mentally as well as physically healthy. LLDC wants to get the best from its employees through integrating health, wellbeing and engagement into our day to day activities.

London Healthy Workplace Charter

The Healthy Workplace Charter is the first pan-London framework that supports and recognises investment in employee health and wellbeing. Through LLDC's Health and Wellbeing programme we have now been awarded Excellence level.



Health and Wellbeing Campaign

LLDC promotes an annual Health and Wellbeing Campaign which is themed by quarters and supported by our fortnightly newsletter and great events.

Healthy You (Jan - Mar)

After the season of indulgence, the first quarter of the calendar year kicks off with looking at your physical health which includes NHS weight management, fruity fortnight, substance issues and managing blood pressure and cholesterol.

Each year we arrange Health MOTs with a Benenden Health Practitioner. The MOTs are non-invasive and cover diabetes risk, blood pressure, BMI and good/bad cholesterol. After your session you will be provided with a Health Passport.

Keep Balanced (Apr - Jun)

The second quarter focuses largely on financial wellbeing. We provide one to one sessions with the London Pension Fund Authority, learn at lunch sessions from HSBC and Government approved budget tools to help get the most of your finances.

The annual Benefits Fair hosts providers from LLDC Benefits including O2, Benenden, Pensions, Employee Assistance Programme, Get Living London etc. Demonstrations and one to one sessions take place across the day and there are always freebies galore!

LLDC wants its employees to be able to bring their outside world in, so we have launched a Bring Your Kids to Work Day. The day involves a packed schedule of group activities, park tours and a trip down the Slide.

Be Active (Jul - Sep)

Across the summer months our drive is fitness. Each year we take on a fitness goal like the 1 Million Step Challenge. This can be done by walking, jogging, dancing, cycling… anyway you like!

Each year LLDC take part in Love to Ride’s Cycle September challenge. The directorates will form a team as their collective cycle miles count towards our over score. Throughout the month there will also be Dr Bike sessions and learn at lunches hosted by keen cyclists. In 2017 LLDC won nationally in our group!

Mind Matters (Oct - Dec)

The wellbeing year rounds with Mental Wellbeing.

Mental health is a key topic of LLDC and we strive to support all employees with their mental wellbeing. We have designed a Mental Wellbeing Action Plan which is a main focus across the year.

LLDC is committed to the Time To Change Pledge and as a result have made training available for employees to become Mental Health First Aiders.

time to change 

In support of mental wellbeing and stress awareness, we hold regular Mindfulness courses which cover topics such as stress and resilience, and managing anxiety and depression.