Legacy Communities Scheme

The Legacy Communities Scheme (LCS) is an important document which sets out our plans for the development of new neighbourhoods across the Park. We submitted this for planning approval in September 2011, and it has guided all our work since it was approved in September 2012.

Our plans for developing these five new neighbourhoods – Chobham Manor, East Wick, Sweetwater, Marshgate Wharf and Pudding Mill – can be found in our homes and living section, and are covered in some detail in our Walk around the Park publication.

The LCS sets out a masterplan for development across the Park, covering building heights, land uses, open space, access plans, street layout, development of infrastructure and more for all five neighbourhoods.  

The full set of documents can be downloaded from the Planning Register here.  Information on what each of the documents is can be found below.



During development of the Legacy Communities Scheme, we consulted widely with the local community and design experts. That feedback was incorporated into the final version of the scheme, and played an important role in defining our plans.


Supporting documents

The LCS is comprised of a number of documents that support the planning application. A summary of the purpose of these documents is provided below:

Planning Statement (LCS-GLB-APP-PLS-001)

This statement outlines how the application has responded to current and emerging national, regional and local planning policy.

Revised Design and Access Statement (LCS-GLB-ACC-DAS-002)

Alongside the Parameter Plans and Design Codes, the Design and Access Statement (DAS) sets out the vision for the site, as well as details of access, scale, character, use and landscape, including illustrative examples of how they might be implemented.

Revised Environmental Statement (LCS-GLB-ACC-ES-002)

This statement assesses the potential environmental impact of the proposed scheme over the course of its development. It assesses both the likely significant beneficial and adverse effects of the proposed scheme. 

Revised Environmental Statement (Non-Technical Summary) (LCS-GLB-ACC-EANTS-002)

This report is a summary of the full Environmental Statement, addressing the likely significant positive or negative effects that the proposed project may have on the environment, consisting of the natural, social and economic aspects.

Biodiversity Action Plan (LCS-GLB-S106-APP-BAP-001-V01)

This report provides a framework to enable the planners, designers, builders and future operators of the LCS to maintain and enhance biodiversity, by identifying habitats and species of concern and setting targets for action.

Transport Assessment and its Addendum (LCS-GLB-ACC-TA-001 and LCS-GLB-ACC-TA-001A)

This assessment is a comprehensive and systematic assessment that sets out transport impacts relating to the proposed development. It identifies the measures to deal with the anticipated transport impacts of the scheme and to improve accessibility and safety for all modes of travel, particularly for alternatives to using a car, such as walking, cycling and public transport.

Flood Risk Assessment and its Addendum (LCS-GLB-ACC-FRA-001 and LCS-GLB-ACC-FRA-001A)

The report is an assessment of the risk of flooding, particularly in relation to the residential and commercial aspects of the scheme. The Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) is a site-wide document for the Park, but issues and mitigation measures will be specific to each of the neighbourhoods. The methodology and scoping for the FRA has been agreed with the Environment Agency.

Code of Construction Practice and its Addendum (LCS-GLB-ACC-CON-001 and LCS-GLB-ACC-CON-001A)

This document supports the Planning Application in respect of construction processes to be operated.

Statement of Participation (LCS-GLB-ACC-SP-001)

This statement describes the pre-application consultation processes that have informed the LCS development proposals.

Housing and Social Infrastructure Statement and its Addendum (LCS-GLB-ACC-HSIS-001 and LCS-GLB-ACC-HSIS-001A)

This statement outlines the background to the proposals for housing and social infrastructure within the LCS, in order to inform the Environmental Impact Assessment. It outlines broadly the current position of housing and social infrastructure near to the LCS and sets out the housing and social infrastructure that is part of the LCS.

Interim Uses Statement and its Addendum (LCS-GLB-ACC-IUS-001 and LCS-GLB-ACC-IUS-001A)

Until the Park is fully developed, there will be a number of areas which will remain vacant for some time. We are considering an approach to these vacant plots of land  which will allow them to be used on a short-term basis. Although these ‘interim uses’ are the subject of separate Planning Applications, this report sets out the proposed approach to this activity.

Revised Green Infrastructure Strategy (LCS-GLB-ACC-GIS-002)

This strategy details the provision of green spaces in the area of the Planning Application including open space, biodiversity areas and playspace.

Revised Sustainability Statement (LCS-GLB-ACC-SS-002)

This statement describes the approach that has been taken to sustainability during the design process and considers the extent to which development proposals meet the principles of sustainable development.

Revised Energy Statement (LCS-GLB-ACC-ENST-002)

This statement outlines how the proposals seek to minimise the use of energy and carbon emissions.

Retail and Leisure Impact Assessment and its Addendum (LCS-GLB-ACC-RLI-001 and LCS-GLB-ACC-RLI-001A)

This assessment considers how proposed retail and leisure developments might impact on the surrounding centres.

Equalities Statement (LCS-GLB-ACC-EIS-001)

This statement considers the potential impacts of the LCS on particular groups, as well as any appropriate measures to avoid those impacts, making sure the LCS promotes equality of opportunity, cuts out unlawful discrimination and encourages good relations between different groups.

Revised Global Remediation Strategy (LCS-GLB-ACC-REM-002)

This strategy sets out the site-wide (i.e. global) principles and approach to the management of remediation across the site. This covers ways in which pollutants and toxic chemicals which exist in the site’s soil are dealt with.

Employment Statement and its Addendum (LCS-GLB-ACC-EMP-001 and LCS-GLB-ACC-EMP-001A)

This statement addresses how the proposals will have a positive impact on the local and regional economy.

Revised Health Impact Statement (LCS-GLB-ACC-EMP-002)

This statement provides an evaluation of any potential health impacts of the proposals.

Estate Management Strategy and its Addendum (LCS-GLB-ACC-EMS-001 and LCS-GLB-ACC-EMS-001A)

This strategy sets out a long-term approach for the management and maintenance of the site.

Utilities Statement and its Addendum (LCS-GLB-ACC-UTL-001 and LCS-GLB-ACC-UTL-001A)

This statement outlines the proposals for utility services required as a result of the LCS proposals. The statement includes a description of the existing and proposed utilities network and includes schematic network drawings of each utility.