Learn, teach and work with the Institute of Making, UCL! - Deadline Wednesday 25th May
Are you curious about preparing and designing natural dyes for skin, textiles and more? Do you want to know more about the ancient and cultural practice of henna, and where innovative businesses are taking this material next? Are you interested in sharing your new knowledge with your community? Would you like to gain work experience in making, teaching and events production?
If your answer is yes to one or more of the above, we want to hear from you! Please apply by Wednesday 25th May, 12PM (noon).


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This is an integrated making and work placement programme taking place over seven days in between May and July 2022. Co-designed with henna artists and the Legacy Youth Voice, we are seeking ten 15-21-year-old Londoners with an interest in making. 


Any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with the project coordinator Tasnim at [email protected] or call Tasnim at 07769226117 

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Please note:
• This in-person placement is based in Bloomsbury in central London. 
• Food and travel expenses will be provided. 
• You will receive a bursary of £150 for your work (helping at events like the Festival of Stuff and supporting the Making Spaces research project) 
• One session will take place in East London in July. The exact location, date and time will be decided by the group of young people. 

Learn Teach Talk

Learn about natural dyes from the esteemed henna company Huq That. Huq That have been featured in Sleek, Vice, Guardian, Coeval, The Face, Azeema and Guap, and have worked with brands like Nike, Converse, Byredo and Beatsbydre. You will be based at the world-leading university UCL in Bloomsbury at the radical multidisciplinary research club, the Institute of Making: an unconventional work environment which encourages you to learn by making in a series of hands-on workshops. 
You will teach members of the public and your community a skill that you learn from Huq That. As a group you will design and deliver a 5–10-minute activity to members of the public at the Festival of Stuff. You will also use this activity to inform the next stage of the placement where you will produce a community event in east London with a key objective of sharing the knowledge you have gained and gathered as a collective.
You will assist with the setup of your stall at the Festival of Stuff and consider the most efficient way of setting up the activity. You will co-produce a community event which will include aspects such as marketing, events management and community engagement. Finally, you will contribute to important research for the Institute of Making and their understanding of what makes a space accessible by recording your journey and contributing to discussions. 
• 15–21-year-olds
• Interested in making, heritage, design, events, community, research or youth voice 

We are especially keen to hear from young people who
• Identify as “Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME)” background or “people of colour” or “non-white” or “people of the global majority”
• Live in East London
• Are able to attend all seven sessions in-person

Placement date and times







Introduction to the placement, Institute of Making and the workshop

Sat 28 May




Henna dyeing, application and design workshop with Huq That

Mon 30 May




Henna dyeing, application and design workshop with Huq That Continued

Tue 31 May




Co-design and Production Workshop

Sat 11 June




Festival of Stuff

Sat 25 June




Community Event



East London


Reflections Workshop

Sat 23 July



About Huq That

Huq That was created by Sabira Haque who wanted to showcase the celebration of the ancient body art rituals using Henna. In a tradition which is most commonly associated with weddings, Huq That was created to provide a more accessible platform to Henna Art for all.

The henna style can be seen as a fusion of happy old soul meets London youth culture. A variety of pastes are available for the temporary tattoos, these include natural Henna, Jagua, white & glitter glam.

Huq That has been featured in a number of publications and brands such as: Nike, Converse, Byredo, Beatsbydre, Sleek, Vice, Guardian, Coeval magazine, Teethmag, The face, Dazed, Refinery29uk, Guap and Azeema

Along with this, their henna has been featured in various music videos and the clients have included: Alewya, Joy Crookes, Miraa May, Raveena Aurora and more!

Find out more on our website http://huqthat.com/ and on Instagram.

About Sabira:

Sabira Haque is a multidisciplinary artist who does art direction, henna and styling. She is a UAL alumni who has expanded Huq That into the styling realm! Sabira now has ventured into costume designing for tv and film. She wants to expand Huq That to create an all-encompassing south Asian brand that film and tv pundits go to for costume design, art direction and henna- as we are yet to find this in the industry!

About Nuz:

Nuz Fatima has an unusual route into the art world as she is a policy maker by trade and a political strategist. With not even an art GCSE to her name, she grew up doing henna at her local mosque for Eid celebrations. She brings an unusual experimentation style to her henna that derived from her oil paintings which she has used on clients such as Rimon and Tsunaina amongst others. Art is therapeutic and spiritual for Nuz, henna is almost a form of therapy which brings a different flair to client interactions. 

About the Institute of Making, UCL  

We are bringing this programme to you in collaboration with our East Bank partner, Institute of Making, UCL. The Institute of Making aims to provide everyone with a creative home where they can explore all aspects of materials and making – whether that’s making molecules or cities, soup or diamonds. Building on the popularity of UCL’s Institute of Making in Bloomsbury, they will be opening a workshop in East London in 2023 which will welcome local innovators, businesses, schools and community groups from some of the capital’s most vibrant creative communities, inspiring the next generation to explore the possibilities of making.