In February 2015 the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government issued the revised "Local Government Transparency Code 2015" (the Code).  The Code sets out the minimum information that all Local Authorities must publish, the frequency it should be published and how it should be published.  The full document can be accessed via the website

Board members and Chief Officers

Find out more about our Board and Committees, our governance and policies on the Who We Are page of our website.

Senior staff

For senior staff at or above Head of Service or equivalent and board members, the Legacy Corporation publishes:


We publish all expenses claimed and reimbursed to our senior staff at or above Head of Service or equivalent and board members on a regular basis as part of our commitment to transparency. You can see the full list of expenses here.


The Legacy Corporation has identified four priority themes which will underpin every aspect of our work, in areas such as internal operations, planning legacy communities and defining operating arrangements for venues. You can view these here.

Gender Pay Audit

The Mayor, in his manifesto, made a commitment that each of the GLA's functioning bodies would publish a gender pay audit. The report below is the LLDC's response to meeting that pledge and is part of our commitment to monitor the impact of our policies and the makeup of our workforce.

In September 2019, LLDC published its updated Gender Pay Audit and Action Plan. These documents can be accessed below.

  • Download the updated Gender Pay Audit here.

LLDC's previous Gender Pay Audits can be downloaded below: 

Ethnicity Pay Audit

The Mayor has pledged to lead by example on London's black and minority ethnic (BAME) pay gap, as part of his drive to tackle inequality. The report below is the LLDC's response to meeting that pledge.
  • Download the Ethnicity Pay Audit here.

LLDC's previous Ethnicity Pay Audits can be downloaded below:

Gender and Ethnicity Pay Action Plan

  • Download LLDC's updated Gender Pay Audit Action Plan here.

Pay Equalities

Information on equalities groups at different pay levels is here. This information is published annually.

Contracts, tenders and expenditure

Grants to Voluntary, Community and social enterprise organisations

The Legacy Corporation will publish details of these grants quarterly.


The Legacy Corporation reports to the Audit Committee annually on the risks of fraud and the assurance and governance structure. A link to the Audit Committee is here: Our Committees.

Local Authority Land

All details on all Legacy Corporation land and building assets are published via the Greater London Authority Data Store.

Parking spaces

There are car park spaces at the London Aquatics Centre, the Copper Box Arena and the Here East multi-storey car park. Charges apply for all of these locations. More information on venue parking is on our website.

Transparency Code 2015 information not held

The Legacy Corporation does not hold the information below as requested by the Transparency Code 2015:

  • Constitution - the Legacy Corporation does not have a Constitution.
  • Government Procurement Card transactions - the Legacy Corporation does not have a Government procurement card.
  • Parking account
  • Trade Union facility time - the Legacy Corporation does not have a recognised trade union.
  • Waste contracts - the Legacy Corporation does not have a Waste Contract as defined in the Transparency Code 2015.


Further Information:

Publication Scheme

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 requires us to have an approved Publication Scheme in order to provide easy access to certain types of commonly requested information.

Freedom of Information requests

The Legacy Corporation has published all Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Regulation responses from January 2013. Any personal information has been redacted. This information is updated monthly.  An index has been provided to allow easier access to this disclosure log.

All of the information provided can be used under the terms of the Open Government Licence, published by the National Archive.

Updated 7 August 2020