Community Sport

The communities around the Park are set to build on the incredible sporting feats achieved at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Our range of sports and healthy living outreach programmes enable local residents to take part in sport and physical activity in a number of different ways which suit them.

Our programmes are aimed at those that are currently inactive right through to those who need support continuing regular physical activity. With the help of our partners, we’ve created a range of projects that encourage access to sport and fitness resources in the local area.

  • GLL, operators of the London Aquatics Centre and Copper Box Arena on the Park, will be starting an accessible outdoor fitness programme from mid March, activities will include boot camps, Buggyfit, family fit classes and women’s running sessions. All activities from the list below will be delivered by qualified staff with recommended equipment. 

    • Boot camp classes are Fun, varied and challenging and are tailored to all needs whatever your goal or fitness level. This class will challenge you to get the most out of your exercise sessions. It is a tough circuit (but you can always work at your own pace!) delivered in a motivational way that will encourage you to take the next step in your fitness journey. Whether you need something to kick start your fitness a campaign or if you have been doing the same routine for years and need to be challenged with a fresh and innovative approach to training, then this class is definitely for you. Break the mould with boot camp! 
    • Buggyfit - classes are a fabulous way of getting out with your baby, both of you getting some fresh air and you get a great workout to boot. Whatever your postnatal stage we have a programme that will suit your needs, instructed by experts in the field of postnatal exercise. 
    • Family fit - Who can run, jump and throw their way to becoming your family champion. Put those questions to the test in our fun family athletics sessions. Whatever your age and ability we will tailor a family workout to keep you all fit and active in the inspirational setting of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 
    • Women’s run group, where you can run alongside a group of likeminded individuals? Don’t feel safe running on your own? Come and join our women’s specific sessions. Get advice and guidance on technique and fitness and all the help you need to reach your goal. 

    GLL also offer a range of referral exercise on referral sessions and programmes at the Copper Box Arena and the London Aquatics Centre in a programme called GLL Healthwise. They are bespoke programmes designed to engage those local people with existing health conditions. The scheme matches new participants to specialist activities and staff in these venues. Links are made via health specialists in GP surgeries who refer clients to sessions to suit their needs.  

  • The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Run Activator through England Athletics in partnership with West Ham and Active Newham will deliver new marked jogging routes in and surrounding the Park, and form a new AthleFIT club which will engage women and girls by providing athletic movements to music. 

    Weekly sessions for jogging groups will be scheduled across spring and summer seasons and participants will be encouraged to sign up to our Take 12 programme – more details on which are below. AthleFIT will be delivered indoors throughout the year weekly.

    Links with current corporate jogging groups and new Parents and youth running groups will be set up, while  new events and tasters will be delivered within the Park. 

    This programme will also signpost beginners to clubs and mainstream activity as well as a series of multisport access events using the Run Jump Throw concept to be hosted around the Olympic Park, the Run! Portable track and multisport Run Jump Throw activities will be on offer at key events. 

  • Fre Flyers will provide a multi-sports pop up facility on the Park to inspire young people with a focus on tennis and multi-skills to create a mass membership multi-sport club. 

    Coaches and activators will be deployed to work on the facility, who will deliver localised low level fun based introductions to sport and activity. There will be opportunities for families and young people to engage in a number of skills and sports. 

    This programme will be delivered in partnership with Tennis Foundation, England Hockey, Lawn Tennis Association, Growth Boroughs and Lee Valley Regional Park and VIVO national awards. It will initially operate as a drop-in facility during holiday times moving to drop-in and bookable sessions during term time as we seek to engage regular users and groups from community and education sectors. 

    These activities are popular with 12 to 17 year olds but this is an ideal chance for the whole family across all generations to take up a new activity or dust off the racket which hasn’t seen daylight for a while. 

  • London Youth Rowing will deliver fun and inclusive indoor rowing events on Concept2 rowing machines designed to coincide with school holidays and scheduled events on the Park between February and October 2014.

     London Youth Rowing will deliver activities, with short races and prizes to encourage people to ‘have a go’. In keeping with their mission to bring rowing to those young people that wouldn’t normally get the opportunity, they will openly encourage intergenerational and family participation and will also be targeting young people between the ages of 11 and 18 that live or go to school in the four boroughs that border the Park: Hackney, Newham, Waltham Forest and Tower Hamlets.

    London Youth Rowing will have equipment that can be adapted to suit those with a disability. They will offer a range of courses and sessions for local schools, youth clubs and residents, but also for any members of the public that take part in the ‘pop-up’ indoor rowing sessions. This includes ‘come and try it’ adult and junior sessions, holiday sessions and curriculum time rowing. 

  • The Essex County Cricket Board will deliver their product ‘in2cricket’ programme, by attracting new people to the sport by delivering informal and social versions of the game and bringing communities together.

    Cricket coaches will deliver informal cricket sessions based around tape-ball cricket and Easy Cricket with shorter engagement formats. Mixed gender social cricket programmes to feed into the local clubs in the local boroughs. 

    This programme will be delivered in partnership with UEL, West Ham community programme, Leyton CC and the boroughs of Hackney, Newham, Waltham Forest and Tower Hamlets through the project and local clubs. This programme also offers training opportunities which will lead to accredited qualifications that enable participants to become sports leaders. 


  • GoodGym is a social enterprise that pairs regular runners with isolated older people who act as their motivational ‘coaches’. A running club with a conscience, GoodGym offers a simple way for people to volunteer, help the elderly and keep fit. Runners stay fit by making regular visits to their ‘coaches’ who in turn provide motivation to exercise and look forward to the weekly contact with their runners. 

    GoodGym also holds group runs which are combined with physical community tasks. Volunteer runners challenge themselves to clear out a community hall or build raised beds for a school garden. Soon there will be group runs taking place in the Park and we look forward to welcoming all the runners that do good as they get fit! 

    The programme currently has over 1,000 runner members who have made 2,500 visits to 146 coaches. We’re looking for more members who want to make a real difference to isolated people in the local community. 

    For more information or to join, please visit the GoodGym website.

  • The Take 12+ Challenge is an exciting and inclusive scheme that encourages members of the growth borough communities to be more active. The Take 12 in the Park is a great way to re -start regular exercising and engaging with Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park programmes using maps which guide you through routes and new challenges.

    Participants of all ages and abilities are invited to either:

    1.Clock up 12km (or more) of physical activity within 12 weeks, whether it’s by walking, running, cycling or swimming


    2.Complete 12 hours (or more) of physical exercise within 12 weeks, for example in sport fitness classes taking place in local sports facilities and gyms or in parks including Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

    Both offer a great way to explore your local area and become signposted to activities at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park., Members can then log their distances or hours online via the Take 12+ Challenge website or app. This enables you to represent yourself, your team or your borough in a range of fun challenges. 

    To find out more or to register, visit the Take 12+ Challenge website.

  • Boxing has a long history in the East End and can be an effective and enjoyable way to get fit and exercise with the family.  To encourage people of all ages, skill and fitness levels to get involved, we partnered with World Boxing Association Featherweight Champion, Barry McGuigan and his team to teach non-contact boxing drills and fun ways to exercise. 

    The mobile pop-up style rings regularly feature in shopping centres, schools   and community centres, as the team tour the local area and Park facilities. Participants can try out fun ‘taster’ sessions to help kick-start getting fit and can take advantage of professional advice and encouragement.

    The Barry McGuigan Boxing Academy (BMBA) are delivering a programme of ‘come and try’ taster sessions on the Park that will encourage people to take up regular exercise. The Intergenerational respect programme is delivered by BMBA coaches and provides a less structured and more social programme. 

    Intergenerational respect programmes use boxing skills and activities combined with health education to break down barriers and conflict within communities between younger and older people. Delivery will include a boxing specific warm up, skipping agility and footwork and coordination and movement skills. This programme provides a chance to learn basic punching activities and footwork techniques to perfect the boxing stance. 

    A range of training and fitness skills will be offered with information sessions around health and wellbeing. The activities include one to one and small group sessions to improve speed and agility using ladders and hurdles. Body weight conditioning as well as boxing specific exercises will be taught to learning how to condition your body in the gym or at home. Pad work sessions inside a pop up boxing ring and different punch bags will be available to improve fitness and endurance. 

  • This programme aims to teach young people about nutrition and build self-confidence through physical activity. The Happy Hearts Primary School Initiative was developed with the Barry McGuigan Boxing Academy. It offers a six-week fitness education course for 8 to 11 year olds centred on non-contact boxing delivered in schools around the Park. 

    The Happy Hearts Primary School Programme is provided in primary schools across the boroughs of Hackney, Newham, Waltham Forest and Tower Hamletsand is designed to teach children about nutrition and exercise by taking part in practical fun physical activity and games including skipping, footwork, boxing, primal movements and exercises that help children learn about their own bodies. 

    Sessions vary every week, but health and physical activity are always the key components. At the end of the course, schools are left with valuable resources such as activity mats and other fitness equipment that provide them with the tools to keep fit beyond the session and into the future. Teachers are trained to deliver the sessions. 

    All activities are designed to help children to learn about health and develop practical skills for a healthier lifestyle. Follow on sessions are available in a range of venues and at events on the Park and during school holidays which are designed to empower children to understand their food choices and get children to learn while moving using interactive games. 

  • Carpenters Cage, which opened in April, provides a multi-use games area for the residents of Stratford and Bow. There will be a programme of sports on site this summer with the Park's resident basketball team, the London Lions, on hand to provide coaching and tips.

    Sessions will be broken into three time slots (2-3pm for boys under 13; 3-4pm for boys over 13; 4-5pm for mixed age girls) and will run on the following dates:

    • Tuesday 28 July
    • Tuesday 4 August
    • Tuesday 11 August

    Over the summer of 2013, we worked with the London Lions professional basketball team based at the Copper Box Arena to deliver a community based programme. Children between the ages of 8 – 16 years took to their local basketball courts to learn a range of basketball skills from a London Lions basketball player twice a week. 

    This exciting programme enabled participants and their families to attend a match at the Copper Box and cheer on the London Lions. A number of the participants have progressed on to join the community youth team, the Copper Box Cubs, where they train and play against other local teams. Following on from the success of this, we will repeat the programme this Spring/Summer; please keep an eye on this page for more information.