The Lea River Park, east London's hidden gem, celebrated

A new exhibition opens today (5 April) at New London Architecture (NLA) charting the history and future of the Lea River Park.

The redevelopment of the Lea River Park opens up 45 acres of new space creating walkways and cycle paths stretching from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to the historic Royal Docks. It takes a couple of hours to walk the entire Lea River Park with the opportunity to stop off and learn about its rich history: 

  • Indian Pale Ale was first brewed on the banks of the Lea at the Bow Brewery.
  • Three Mills is the world’s biggest tidal mill which was listed in the Domesday Book and is now a film studio home of Master Chef.
  • Bow Ecology Park is a thriving wildlife sanctuary with newts, water scorpions and flocks of wading birds.
  • Trinity Buoy Wharf is home to London’s only lighthouse. 

To accompany the redevelopment of the Lea River Park, teenagers from Lower Lea Valley, working with arts organisation Create, have created a series of ‘Odd Guides,’ exploring the important contribution the River Lea has made to the lives of Londoners, past and present. The guides will be available to pick up at points along the Park.

From Thursday 6 April – Thursday 27 April 2017, New London Architecture (NLA) will host an exhibition exploring the history and future plans of the Lea River Park.

Lea River Park: a new landscape for London’ will explore the past, present and future of the project, showcasing current and planned works that are leading the evolution of this former industrial backland . The exhibition will be supported by a series of events which will run throughout April.  Find out more here.

The Lea River Park completes the vision of Sir Patrick Abercrombie’s Greater London Plan in 1944 to create a Park stretching along the River Lea from Hertfordshire to the Thames which is now the Lee Valley Regional Park.  

The Lea River Park is being delivered by the London Legacy Development Corporation, LB Newham and Tower Hamlets, in Partnership with TfL, the GLA and the Lea Valley Regional Park Authority. It was designed by architects 5th Studio. 

Find out more about the Lea River Park here

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