At least one million children will be able to enjoy an exciting new playground, thanks to the London Marathon.

The London Marathon Charitable Trust has donated £1million to create a fantastic new playground – and get one million children active through outdoor play.

The playground will be built in the north part of the Olympic Park after the Games. The Park will be called the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park when it re-opens, which will happen in phases between 2013 and 2014.

The North Park is due to reopen to the public from July 2013 following major transformation work.

Andrew Altman, Chief Executive of the London Legacy Development Corporation said:

“The £1million donated by the London Marathon Charitable Trust has made it possible to design a truly unique playground.

“It will encourage children to be creative as they play by providing the tools to build dens and dam mini rivers as well as climb, swing and slide.

“As well as helping to get one million children active through outdoor play the £1million donated by the London Marathon Charitable Trust will build an educational playground which teaches children about the natural environment.”

John Bryant, Chairman of the London Marathon Charitable Trust, said:

“The London Marathon Trust is delighted to be able to fund this playground for a million children – where they will be able to stretch both their minds and bodies in the open air. Our provision of a £1 million grant will allow children of all ages to use nature as a huge play area and take on physical challenges that will build confidence in the environment. Whether it’s building dens, growing plants or climbing trees, these children will learn to treasure nature while improving fitness.

“We are happy, too, to confirm our continued commitment to the provision of legacy facilities at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park where the London Marathon Trust will be funding work at the VeloPark, the Aquatics Centre and the Community Athletics Track, all of which will help to achieve so much for the true legacy of the London 2012 Olympic Games.”

As thousands of children across the country enjoy their right to play today as part of national Playday the Legacy Corporation is delighted to unveil new images of this exciting new playground.

The playground will be in the north of the Park which is dominated by beautiful green parklands, meadows and the waterways of the River Lea.

The indicative designs show how the playground may look with play areas separated by birch and hazel woodlands and a pine forest for children to explore. Log piles will create excellent hiding spots for a game of hide and seek as well as providing ecological benefits by providing dark corners for insects to make their home.

After the Games the Legacy Corporation will transform the Olympic site into the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

As well as building new playgrounds it will clear away temporary venues and Games Time facilities, re-connect the Park with surrounding communities and complete the Park by doubling the amount of green space and turning it into a fantastic new part of the city.

The fantastic new facilities, like the North Park playground, and full programme of activities planned for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will mean there is something for everyone.

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will be London’s newest playground.