The Olympic Park Legacy Company is inviting companies to apply to be part of a Design Services Framework Panel to support and enhance the design quality of the future Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The Legacy Company is looking to appoint expert panels offering a wide range of design and graphics services in Urban Design & Architecture, Landscape Design and Visualisation & Graphics.

Opportunities are available for all scales and types of design professionals, from multi-disciplinary firms to smaller practices, to support the Legacy Company’s plans for the future Park and surrounding areas, including new neighbourhoods, venues, parkland and public spaces.

Kathryn Firth, Chief of Design at the Olympic Park Legacy Company, said:

“This is an exciting opportunity for organisations to help shape one of the most important regeneration projects of the century.

“Legacy plans for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park are more advanced than any other previous host Olympic city and we want to ensure that design is at the core of these plans.”

Organisations have until 28th November 2011 to submit their applications and are able to apply for a combination of the ‘Lots’ below. The Legacy Company will shortlist organisations to go onto the next stage and intends to appoint up to six practices under each of the Lots.

Lot 1: Urban Design & Architecture

Urban design and architectural services will focus on refinement and design development of elements of the future Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The scope of work is expected to be primarily advisory with concept designs designed to the level specified in RIBA Workstage D. There will also be the need for the review of design by others – assessing and assuring design proposals by selected developers and partners – and design monitoring.

The Legacy Company may also bring forward small-scale urban design and architectural projects, such as park pavilions, pedestrian walkways, and the fit-out of existing buildings for interim uses that may require design and implementation.

Lot 2: Landscape Design

Landscape design services will focus on design development of the full range of open spaces within the future Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. This may include design services for the north park, the south plaza, circulation spaces including walkways and towpaths, and neighbourhood squares and plazas. The scope of work is expected to be primarily advisory with concept design developed to the level specified in RIBA Workstage D. There is a possibility for small-scale landscape projects initiated by the Legacy Company that may require design as well as implementation.

Lot 3: Visualisation & Graphics

Graphic design services and the production of visualisations will be required in support of the Legacy Company’s marketing and communications works. Work could include layout design, preparation and print management of documents such as design reports, brochures, project prospectuses and other print material, to assist with our marketing and communications outputs, as well as the needs of design, planning and real estate functions; preparation of material suitable for use on the Legacy Company’s website, online platforms and other electronic/digital media; design and preparation of electronic and physical presentation material for use in media and stakeholder & community engagement; Computer Generated Images (CGIs) and renderings to illustrate the character of the Park, buildings and events taking place within them; and 3D modelling and animations.

The deadlines for responses is 28th November 2011

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