Ever wondered what it might be like to have a conversation with a lamp post, letterbox or building? Fresh from its success in Singapore, Austin and Bristol, Hello Lamp Post is waking up for the first time in London in and around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – and will let you do just that!
With a range of street objects waking up and talking, Hello Lamp Post encourages you to look at the area in which you live, work or play with fresh eyes and engage with objects you might sometimes take for granted. Why not tell the London Aquatics Centre about the amazing view, or tell the bench you’re sitting on about your day?
For more information, visit hellolamppostlondon.com

How to play
If you look closely, most street objects will have a reference code marked on them. These codes get used by the manufacturers, maintenance companies or local councils to distinguish one object from another. Hello Lamp Post piggybacks on these existing codes to allow super localised conversations in thousands of public spaces.
You can have a chat with any coded object - post boxes, bollards, bus stops, boats, utility boxes, bridges, telegraph poles - and of course lamp posts themselves! 
What’s more, for the first time ever, you’ll also be able to speak to the iconic buildings and features of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park including the London Stadium, Lee Valley VeloPark, the London Aquatics Centre and the Olympic Rings.
Starting a conversation with an object is easy.  Just text “Hello”, the object description, and its code to the official Hello Lamp Post phone number 0203 389 8860. For example, if a post box has the code “BS1024” written on it, you can start talking to it by texting: "Hello Post Box #BS1024"
Conversations can be started from any mobile phone that sends text (SMS) messages. It’s free to play (standard SMS and data rates apply) and it’s suitable for all ages (all content is moderated before going public).

Why can I expect?
Hello Lamp Post conversations take the form of a short interview. The objects are curious about the world they find themselves in and want to ask you questions about it. These questions may be about the local area, the players’ memories and favourite things, or what they believe in and what they care about. Every time the player shares new information with an object, the object will share an answer that another person has given it. In this way, talking to an object can reveal something about the personality, values and themes of a particular area and the people who pass through there.
A sample of these answers will be available to view on the project website hellolamppostlondon.com
Please note, as Hello Lamp Post is geared towards sharing thoughts and opinions within a fun conversation, the objects themselves won’t give operational information such as opening times and ticket prices.