UCL have been working with residents and local community groups from Stratford and the surrounding area to bring you an exciting free event at the Timber Lodge Cafe. Sparking connections between people and ideas, they'll be setting up an imagined museum space which celebrates connections between people. 

The following activities will be on offer during the event:

 Performance artist
What’s in your pockets? Exploring the narratives of everyday objects and the connections people have to them.

 Live music from local Stratford and UCL groups
Showcasing local Stratford and UCL young people’s talent.

 Curiosity killed the cat
Objects and collections themed playlist. Museums goes pop!

 The Living Library
Hidden within our objects are stories that are just waiting to be told. Attendees will join UCL researchers bring to life the collections. For one night only they will be your living library books and using your library card you will have the chance to borrow them. Just remember to return them at the end of the evening!

 The Cabinet
Visitors will also have the opportunity to get hands on with researchers from UCL and ask them questions inspired by the curious collections on display in the cabinet.

 The Museum of Me
If The Museum is Where the People Are then you are the museum. Help us make this a reality by joining us in curating a Museum of Me. Arrange a display of objects, or add your own, take a photo, print it and write a catalogue label.

 Picture This
Put yourself in the frame, create your own portrait and help us to add more objects to the collection of the Museum of Me.

 Refreshments
Food and drink will be available to purchase from the café bar. Please do come and join us for a fun night of imagined museum making. 

This event is free and open to all ages.

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