Cultural and Education District

In the coming years, we are creating a world class education and cultural district on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park that will bring together outstanding organisations to showcase exceptional art, dance, history, craft, science, technology and cutting edge design.

The Cultural and Education District will be made up of two sites on the Park, clustered around the iconic Stadium, ArcelorMittal Orbit and London Aquatics Centre.

A number of world-class institutions have already made plans to set up a permanent presence on these two sites. UCL East will be the site of a new university campus for University College London (UCL), while Stratford Waterfront features a new campus for the University of the Arts London, along with major new spaces for the Victoria and Albert Museum and Sadler's Wells.  Discussions are also underway between the Smithsonian and the Victoria and Albert Museum to work together to create a major new international collaboration.

The scheme is expected to deliver 3,000 jobs, 1.5 million additional visitors and £2.8 billion of economic value to Stratford and the surrounding area.

In May 2015, a team led by award-winning architectural practice Allies and Morrison won an international competition to design the Stratford Waterfront site.  LDA Design was announced as masterplanners of the UCL East site in April 2015.

  • UCL East is envisaged as a radical new model of how a university campus can be embedded in the local community and with businesses, as well as providing world-leading research, education, entrepreneurship and innovation.

    Our new campus will:

    • be a home for new UCL activities, not simply an extension of our Bloomsbury functions
    • serve as a model for the university campus of the future – open, dynamic and overcoming the conventional barriers between research, education, innovation, public engagement and collaboration
    • provide an outstanding environment for learning and scholarship for students, staff, collaborators and the public
    • liberate space and enable new opportunities in the Bloomsbury estate
    • as a founding member of Olympicopolis, play a central role in the sustainable development of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and east London’s innovative quarter more generally
    • facilitate the delivery of UCL 2034, the university’s 20-year strategy.

    It is anticipated that the new UCL East site south of the ArcelorMittal Orbit will cover 11 acres and provide at least 125,000m2 of space, with the first UCL East facilities opening during the 2019/20 academic year.

    University of the Arts London will create a 32,000m2 research and education hub for the global fashion industry, near the traditional heart of the East End fashion trade. It will bring together London College of Fashion’s 6,500 students and staff for the first time in the college’s 100 year history. 

    The new campus will include two major research centres focusing on sustainability and innovation in the fashion industry. It will provide widespread access to advanced fashion technology, business incubators, and a changing programme of public exhibitions.

  • V&A E20 will occupy 20,000m2 and will present the museum's outstanding collections in never-before-seen ways, greatly enhancing access to 1000 years of design, architecture, art and performance and encouraging public participation in almost every aspect of museum activities. 

    Permanent galleries on site will include the first dedicated museum space in the UK to document the full breadth of digital design and begin to write the design history of that fast moving field. There will be space for a rolling exhibition programme curated by the V&A with international partners, as well as studio spaces for new and emerging practitioners. 

    In June 2016, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Smithsonian announced plans to develop, over the course of the year, a plan for a jointly organised permanent gallery space as a key part of V&A East. The project would mark the first time in its 170-year history that the Smithsonian has committed to a long-term permanent gallery presence in another country.

    Sadler’s Wells aims to create a 7,000m2 venue with a 600 seat dance theatre to complement its existing venues cementing London’s position as one of the world’s greatest centres for dance. 

    The new venue will provide flexible ‘making’ spaces for research and development and producing new work, facilities for a Choreographic School, and for a Hip Hop Academy. 

    The London Legacy Development Corporation have prepared a local directory which aims to support the Olympicopolis Stakeholder Forum. The directory provides partners and stakeholders with information on many of the local organisations that surround the Park and are active in east London.

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    During July and August we undertook our latest round of public consultation on the UCL East masterplan, together with Stratford Waterfront as part of Cultural and Education District. During the exhibitions presented the final draft masterplan focusing on three key themes: access and inclusion, form and identity and sustainability. In addition to presenting back the consultation findings and responses to the feedback by the masterplanning team. 

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    We have now completed the latest round of consultation events and all the feedback received during the events is now being processed and reviewed by UCL, LLDC and the design team. To see the final draft masterplan for UCL East, the exhibition boards can be downloaded here

    To find out more about the project you can download the introductory flip book here. To read about the consultation programme and what we learned from the previous consultation events, please download the Stage 1 (summer 2015) Consultation Report here and Stage 2 (February 2016) Report here (Stage 2 appendices here).

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    For any other questions or to let us know if you would like to receive future updates, please contact the UCL East consultation team at Soundings on:


    Phone: 020 7729 1705

    You can also visit the UCL website at

    UCL East masterplan development

    Over two weeks in November 2015, London Legacy Development Corporation worked with UCL and the UCL East design team on delivering a series of workshops to schoolchildren from across the surrounding area of the Park.

    The purpose of the workshops was for young people to directly feed into the masterplan development for UCL East through understanding the site where the campus will be built.

    Find out what local schoolchildren think the UCL East campus could be like in the video below.

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    During July and August 2016 we held a two-week public consultation exhibition on Stratford Waterfront, together with UCL East as part of Cultural and Education District. During the exhibition we provided details on the concepts and key features behind each of the building designs and the series of spaces making up the public realm.

    The Stratford Waterfront public consultation was facilitated by Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners, with representatives from LLDC and Allies and Morrison and O’Donnell and Tuomey. Overall, more than 2,500 people came to visit the exhibition.

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    We have now completed the latest round of consultation events and the feedback received is now being processed and reviewed by LLDC, the design team and the partners. You can download the exhibition boards here and the exhibition flipbook here.

    To read more about the consultation process and what has been undertaken to date, please download the Stage 1 Consultation report here and Stage 2 Consultation report here.

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    If you have any further questions or would like to be kept informed of future updates, please contact the Stratford Waterfront team at Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners by emailing