Local Plan Review

 The Legacy Corporation Local Plan was adopted in 2015 and is the statutory Local Plan for the area. To ensure that it remains up-to-date, the Legacy Corporation has initiated the formal process of reviewing the Local Plan to respond to new evidence that is being prepared on key matters, as well as the changes that have occurred at local, London and national level. 

Review of the  Legacy Corporation Local Plan – Consultation on the Scope of the Review

The consultation on the scope of the Local Plan Review runs from Monday 6 November 2017 to 5pm on Monday 29 January 2018 and is aimed at gathering views on which policies and other parts of the Local Plan should be included in the review.  

The Local Plan Review Consultation booklet and summary information can be viewed and/or downloaded below, paper copies can also be provided on request. An Integrated Impact Assessment is also being prepared as the Local Plan is Reviewed and you can view and/or download the Stage A report below. 

Comments on the documents can be submitted using the methods described below. 

How you can get involved

As part of the Legacy Corporation Local Plan Review consultation programme the Legacy Corporation has prepared a number of consultation methods and activities to facilitate an effective and efficient engagement throughout the consultation process.  

Representations must be in writing and can be submitted:

All completed forms and/or written comments can be returned by email or post:

by email: planningpolicy@londonlegacy.co.uk; or 
by post:

            Planning Policy
            London Legacy Development Corporation,
            Level 10,
            1 Stratford Place,
            Montfichet Road,
            E20 1EJ

We are also running public consultation events. For a full list of the scheduled events, including topics, dates, times and locations, please see our Current Planning Policy Consultations webpage.

Should you wish to speak to a member of the Planning Policy Team about this consultation or have any other questions about the Review of the Legacy Corporation Local Plan, then please contact us by email - planningpolicy@londonlegacy.co.uk or by telephone - 020 3288 1800

The Legacy Corporation will consider all responses received. Where appropriate, please highlight any evidence you think would support any comments. Please note that any views we receive may be reported publicly as part of the Local Plan Review process.

Call for Sites 

In addition, the Legacy Corporation is carrying out a Call for Sites in order that it can take all potential sites and opportunities into account in reviewing its Local Plan. The Call for Sites guidance and a response form can be viewed and/or downloaded below, paper copies can also be provided on request:

Evidence Studies

A key element of the Local Plan review process is ensuring that the evidence on which its development strategy and policies are based is supported by robust and up to date evidence.

Evidence studies will be made available here when it becomes available. 

Local Plan Review Process

Following the first stage, the Legacy Corporation will collate, analyse and consider all responses, using them, along with the new evidence, to produce a Consultation Report that will help to define what parts of the Local Plan will be changed. A period of on-going engagement will then follow as proposed changes to the Local Plan are developed, which will include a re-run of the four workshops. Relevant information will also be made available on the on-line consultation portal. 


The proposed indicative timetable for reviewing and preparing the Local Plan is outlined below:

  • Consultation on Scope of Changes - November 2017 – January 2017
  • Developing Changes and Continuous Engagement - January – June 2018
  • Publication Stage Revised Local Plan Consultation - September – October 2018
  • Submission of Revised Local Plan for Examination - December 2018
  • Examination of the Revised Local Plan (including Public Hearings) - January – May 2019
  • Modifications Consultation (if required) - July - August 
  • Inspectors Final Report Received - October 2019
  • Adoption of the Revised Local Plan - November  2019


Statement of Community Involvement

The Legacy Corporation regularly consults with local people and organisations during the determination of planning applications and in the preparation of local planning policy documents which affect the area around the Park.

Details of how the Legacy Corporation engages with the local community and other key  stakeholders is laid out in the Statement of Community Involvement which can be viewed and/or downloaded below:

Local Development Scheme (LDS)

Planning authorities are required to prepare a Local Development Scheme to set out its plans and timescales for preparing and reviewing its Local Plan. The Local Plan was adopted in July 2015 and the process of reviewing it will begin during 2017. The current LDS sets out the broad timescales for the review process and anticipates that this will result in the adoption of a revised Local Plan towards the end of 2019.  

A copy of the current LDS can be viewed and/or downloaded below:


If you or your organisation would like to be included in future planning policy consultations, you can request that your details are added to the consultation list by completing and returning the form below to us. You can also use this form to amend or request that your details (or those of your organisation) are removed from the list:

 The completed form can be returned by email or post:

by email: planningpolicy@londonlegacy.co.uk; or 
by post:

            Planning Policy
            London Legacy Development Corporation,
            Level 10,
            1 Stratford Place,
            Montfichet Road,
            E20 1EJ


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