Community Infrastructure Levy Neighbourhood Priorities Fund Consultation Form

London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) has established a Neighbourhood Priorities Fund to ensure that 15% of its Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) receipts are spent in consultation with the local community. This first stage in deciding how this money will be spent is to get your views on what the local priorities should be. At this stage we are not asking for bids for funding (as we have not received sufficient funds), but if you would like to suggest specific projects that you would prioritise, then this will help inform future allocations. LLDC already has a list of infrastructure projects which it uses to inform how the CIL is allocated as well as section 106 funding. You are welcome to identify projects on that list, or provide details of potential new projects.

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Personal Information
Neighbourhood Priorities Table

Please mark a number (1 to 3) next to the list of infrastructure types to state your top three priorities for the area in order of importance (1 = top priority, 2 = second priority, 3 = third priority)

Special project

You can suggest a new project that you think would help address your local priority. Please provide a brief description and location of the potential new project in the box below, including how it relates to your chosen priority and the key public benefits.