Sustainability and the environment were at the heart of London’s successful bid for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

The Park will respect the promises of the bid and continue to deliver on the green initiatives of the Games - creating a sustainable development in tune with the world’s changing climate and resource needs.

Our Environmental Sustainability Policy ‘Your Sustainability Guide to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’ sets out our vision for living in and visiting the Park in 2030 and how we aim to create an environment that encourages more sustainable behaviour.

Some of those measures include:

  • Building zero carbon, water efficient homes
  • Minimising the waste we send to landfill by only using what we need, and reusing and recycling as much as we can
  • Responsibly sourcing and using materials with low environmental impact
  • Creating neighbourhoods which are easy to walk around, encouraging cycling and promoting the use of public transport, reducing polluting emissions to air
  • Managing energy and water efficient venues 
  • Building on the Olympic legacy by supporting sustainable events that respect their parkland setting
  • Nurturing natural habitats and local biodiversity

Biodiversity Action Plan

You can download our Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) for the Park here. The BAP covers the whole Park, which includes land within the Legacy Communities Scheme. London Legacy Development Corporation will be responsible for the delivery of this BAP on its estate and land within its management responsibility. 

Your Park, Our Planet

You can see the progress we have made in delivering these commitments in our annual Environmental Sustainability Report, Your Park, Our Planet:

Your Park, Our Planet 2013/14

Your Park, Our Planet 2014/15

How we do it

Using the best of the Games' infrastructure, innovation and inspiration, the Park is designed with sustainability at its heart.  This means both that it is being built in a sustainable way, and that it is being built to help its future visitors and residents to leave sustainably.

It is designed to do this in a number of ways, from promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle which encourages walking and cycling through safe and pleasant routes across the Park, through to using green building techniques that reduce the impact of development.

The venues and facilities across the Park use the latest ‘green’ technologies and low-carbon design – meaning they will use less energy to stay warm and have a much lower overall environmental impact than typical buildings. 

The energy that is required for much of the Park is provided by two cutting-edge Energy Centres, which efficiently provide heat, electricity and cooling for the Olympic venues, homes and offices in the area. Other developments around the Park can connect to this network, enabling them to benefit from this efficiently provided energy. 

The Park also features other environmental innovations, such as a non-potable water network that is used for irrigating the Parklands, and for toilet flushing in the Copper Box Arena and other venues. We are also working with Thames Water on a seven year research project trialling bio-membrane technology to treat sewage and use it in the non-potable network on the Park. 

Smart, Sustainable District

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park has been selected by Climate-KIC as one of the first districts to start working with their European-wide SSD programme to trial innovative sustainability solutions. Read more about what that means here.