Here East

Here East is a new digital campus that combines business, technology, media, education and data.

It will provide 1,200,000 sq ft of space – that’s nearly 16 football pitches,  which is supported by some of the most advanced digital infrastructure in the world, with almost unlimited bandwidth connectivity and high capacity power.

Here East has 4 major ‘E’ strands to it’s vision, these are:

Education: Education and skills are at the heart of Here East. Hackney Community College will provide the UK’s first digital apprentices, with the necessary skills to take advantage of the new jobs in the digital economy. Loughborough University will provide a new research centre for postgraduate studies linking culture, business, sport, exercise and health.

Employment: To create more than 7,500 jobs on site and in the local community, providing routes into employment for local people and a local legacy of jobs, skills and economic growth.

Enterprise:  To provide low-cost space with unrivalled infrastructure. Incubator and accelerator space will be provided by TechHub and Space Studios, helping start-up businesses to develop, grow and succeed.

Environment: To promote collaboration and innovation. It will bring together start-ups, established businesses, venture capitalists and academia in one place to share knowledge and expertise.

The site will house three main buildings including an innovation centre, an auditorium and a further building with educational space, broadcast studios, office space, and a state-of-the-art data centre. Here East will also feature a landscaped canal-side with cafes, shops and restaurants.

 BT Sport is already operating from Here East.

Tenants including Loughborough University, Hackney Community College and Infinity SDC will open on site from 2015:

  • Loughborough University London Campus – a specialist expansion of this leading research and business-led institution, whose work includes developing products in sport and technology, such as a 3D printed seat for use in wheelchair basketball.
  • Hackney Community College – working with Loughborough University, the college will run a digital academy providing education and training through an extension of Tech City Apprenticeships.
  • Infinity Data Centre – with data centres in and around London, Infinity Data Centre is both a tenant and a joint venture partner of Here East. The data centre will serve both tenants at Here East and the wider digital economy.

Employer’s advice: Have the confidence to engage and learn from others & take any opportunities you go on free training courses and gain work experience, be passionate and challenge the status quo. 

Find out more about Here East:

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