Board meetings

London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) board meetings are open to the public except for when confidential, personal or financial information matters are being discussed. These items will be marked on the agenda. Members of the public can attend the public session of each Board meeting and obtain copies of the public Board papers.

Agendas of business that will be discussed at a meeting and the reports on each topic for discussion (except any which contain confidential, personal or financial information) can generally be viewed on the website five days before the meeting. Minutes of the decisions taken at the meeting will also be available on the website once they have been agreed.

Members of the public can also inspect background papers relating to a report.

Future meeting dates for 2016 are:

  • Tuesday 19 January, 2-4pm
  • Thursday 10 March, 2-4pm
  • Thursday 28 April, 2-4pm
  • Tuesday 24 May, 10am-12pm
  • Thursday 30 June, 2-4pm
  • Tuesday 26 July, 2-4pm
  • Thursday 29 September, 2-4pm
  • Tuesday 25 October, 2-4pm
  • Tuesday 22 November, 2-4pm

The meetings will take place at LLDC’s offices in Stratford.