Business plan and strategy

Here you can download the Legacy Corporation’s Ten Year Plan, which sets out our long terms plans for 2014/15 – 2022/23, as well as our five year strategy.

Download the Ten Year plan.                   Read our Five Year Strategy.

You can download a summary of our strategy on one page here.

You can download our previous Three Year Plan here.

Corporate performance reports

Our quarterly Corporate Performance reports provide an update on progress against the milestones in the London Legacy Development Corporation's 10 Year Plan, and set out information about the Legacy Corporation's financial performance.

The most recent reports can be found below:

Q1 2014/15 (April to June 2014)

Q2 2014/15 (July to September 2014)

Q3 2014/15 (October to December 2014)

Q4 2014/15 (January to March 2015)

Q1 2015/16 (April to June 2015)

Q2 2015/16 (July to September 2015)

Q3 2015/16 (October to December 2015)

Q4 2015/16 (January to March 2016)