Using the parklands, venues and waterways as an inspiring learning environment, teachers and pupils can visit the Park and enjoy the experience in our amazing outdoor classroom.

The Go! Move learning resources challenge pupils to answer the question “What can we do to help everyone stay active and healthy?” Pupils will investigate different ways to be physically active and ways of promoting the benefits of activity to others.

Whether your activities take place in the classroom (Bronze), your local community (Silver) or on the Park (Gold), our Go! Move Favourite Exercise, Move! Like an Athlete and Filming in the Park resources are sure to bring them to life!

Bronze activities – pupils think about their favourite sport or type of exercise and write a sentence or paragraph describing why they like it so much. Pupils then create a comic strip that they could show to a friend to explain how to play that sport or take part in that activity, including any expert tips that they can give them.

Silver activities – inspired by Olympic and Paralympic events, pupils come up with a fun, Olympic and Paralympic Games-themed routine of exercises or movements which can be performed in a small space and without any equipment.

Gold activities – pupils first complete the ‘Silver’ activities. Pupils then visit Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and choose a location to perform their exercise routine.

Download our Go! Move learning resources for primary schools:

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